Red-winged Blackbird

As I try and make my way through all the photos I’ve taken in last couple weeks of other local birds while keeping up with our Osprey, I’ve found it more overwhelming than ever, LOL!!  😉  Having added my daily morning and evening ten-minute loop around the marina when I can afford the extra minutes has proven to be a substantial plus to my photo ops.  Too many action shots or cute ones of different species, so I’m working on posting one/two species a time, then proceed to the next post.  Otherwise, I’ll never catch up!  🙂

I’m going to start with the Red-winged Blackbird who is everywhere locally.  You can’t help but see one flash his red/yellow epaulets while he dances and struts and calls out for a willing mate to come do the cha-cha with him!

I photographed this first one from my balcony one evening.  He was struttin’ his stuff and singing his song for anyone who would watch and listen.  No other Red-winged Blackbirds showed up so I became his audience which I really did enjoy!

Male Red-winged Blackbird – struttin’ his stuff!

One morning when I looped the marina/tennis court, another one was doing the same thing.   He was struttin’ along the parking lot curb coming towards me where I had parked to photograph a mockingbird.  I turned to him and started a series of shots as he continued to walk the length of the curb and sing loudly.

He’d stop and look around for a few seconds, and then continue on towards me and where the mockingbird had been perched.  With my car angle, I felt he really didn’t see me.  Maybe he was upset with the mockingbird in his territory?

Or maybe he did see me?

“Yes, I see you!”

And then he gave me ‘the look’.   Too funny!

“So lady, I’m trying to work my strip, can you move along?”

And then I get the cold-shoulder??

And then he started back up again!

I got to tell you, that little bird started to intimidate me!  LOL  My series of 50+ shots were done in less than three minutes.  So I told Mr. RWB, all right all right, I’m leaving!  And then I thanked him for his time and moved on.  As I pulled away, he continued on down that curb past where I was parked doing his thing!  I reckon it was his ‘strip’!

Back on my balcony, I’ve been working on trying to get the Red-wings in flight.  They love to fly around the base of the osprey nest, in and out of the plants, stopping on occasion to perch and sing and flaunt.   As with any bird in flight, it can be quite difficult and can take many MANY shots to get just one semi-good one.  I did say many, right?!!  LOL  So here’s what few I thought weren’t too bad to share…..from the many I took!

Well, that’s my best of my recent Red-wings!  I hope you enjoyed them, especially the curb-strutter, he certainly had me laughing while I photographed him….until I wondered what his motive was as he closed in on me!   Can you imagine him flying in at me in my car?   He and I both would have awaken our community that morning for sure!  🙂

Hope your week is going well, and as always, thank you for stopping by!

33 thoughts on “Red-winged Blackbird

  1. So this RWB go you a bit intimidated Eh? That’s exactly what they do when are angry or have a possible competitor. They show their bright colors and ruffle their feathers! Seems like it worked! When they are safe and comfortable the colors turn into a below and red crescent.
    I loved your pictures Donna! 🙂

  2. Those photos are great! Redwings are interesting because sometimes they can be quite shy and other times just the opposite. I sure like it when they come in for the summer though.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how interesting an “ordinary” bird like the RWBB can be? Lately I have been having a lot of fun shooting “the regulars” instead of just seeking the rare and exotic ones. Glad you took the time to shoot and post these; I think I need to ask you for BIF tips! Thanks for sharing this series, Donna.

    • You’re right on how interesting they are, Ken. With all the spring activity of the regulars, I’ve also been having fun with them, trying to capture their ‘look’ and action. With the RWBs flying ‘below’ my balcony height, seeing their backs and coloring in flight is pretty awesome! 🙂

  4. Great shots as usual! To tell you how strange the birds are acting around here, I’ve been getting great shots of the females, which are normally very shy. The males have been more retiring this spring. Loved your story of the male working his strip!

    • Thanks Jerry! It is really quite neat to hear how birds are behaving around the country and world at the same time. Knowing how males are in the spring, sounds funny you saying yours are more retiring this year. Must be a strike of some sort, LOL. Oh but we know the males won’t be retiring too long! Competition for the females will get them up & chasing! 🙂

  5. I so look forward to your beautiful pictures Donna. Have you noticed the Fox roaming our shore area between the marina and condos? I hope to catch a photo of him/her, but I seem to be too slow grabbing my camera.

    • Whoa, no I didn’t know about the fox! Are you seeing him in the mornings or evenings? To confirm, do you mean on the Bldg 100-400 side or on the Bldg 600 side? If you snap a shot of him, you can email it to me and I’ll post with your credit. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for him on my little loop and my early morning departures for work. Thanks so much for the info!

  6. Great photos of a beautiful bird, Donna. Thanks for posting the giggle of the day, too! Next time, maybe you should wait for your invite to the dance on the strip! I can just hear your thinking now, “should I keep shooting or should I leave?” Wonder if you would have gotten such great action shots if you had not been in the car? smiles!

    • Thanks for the giggle too! LOL On whether I’d have gotten the shots if I got out of the car, I bet no. 🙂 I’m finding that the birds don’t seem nervous about a car going by, but as soon as they see a human out of a car, they take flight. So I stay in the car, where I’m safer from bird attacks LOL and get very cooperative subjects to pose!

    • There are so many RWBs around now, they gotta be working their way to you real soon! I do like seeing the pop of red flash against their blackness when they fly. And they are a fun challenge! 🙂

  7. Donna, Your non-osprey pictures are great and just as interesting to me. Sadly, our osprey nest has been abandoned as well. 😦 The platform has now been almost completely stripped of any twigs or nesting materials. Although, I have seen a few osprey perched on it. Maybe a new pair will move in?


    • I know I’ve commented about your loss on your osprey nest facebook page, but I just wanted to say again how sad & disappointed I feel for you. On a good note, there are still young osprey returning to the area that have to find a mate and begin a new life so I’m hoping that both you and I get lucky with a pair newly starting out & our platforms become their new homes! Keeping my fingers crossed! (and saying little prayers too!) 🙂

  8. What a funny walking of him… made me smile… But you captured him so nicely… I loved this blackbird… Thank you dear Donna, with my love, nia

  9. Hi Donna… chuckled at your latest blog about the Redwinged Blackbird. I also want to say that you did a great job capturing them in flight! Those are tough shots, and you nailed them nicely! Went to Conowingo on Sunday since there were reports of 147 Bald Eagles there. Numbers were very much exaggerated, unfortunately (unless all of them suddenly left the area) …. but we did see large numbers of Great Blues and Ospreys … all of them going fishing. One GBH caught a “Hickory Shad”. It was so big he eventually gave up trying to swallow it and purposefully dropped it. It was easily longer than his entire neck!

    • Thanks Steve on RWB comments, I can’t help not photograph them because they are everywhere around the area. There’s a nest for sure in the brush at the base of the osprey platform so I’ve got them alone to give me practice. 🙂 On Conowingo & 147 eagles, my goodness I think I would have somehow gotten myself up there if I had heard about that!! That would have been a treat, real sorry they weren’t there for you, because I would have certainly enjoyed your captures. Oh and that GBH had to be one disappointed bird! Although giving up might have saved him from choking to death I reckon. Since it sounds like you still had great sightings, I’m going to look forward to hearing from you soon that you’ve uploaded them to your website!

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