Our Visiting Great Blue Heron – Part 2

Oops, I did it again!  🙁  So sorry for another long time inbetween posts, my intention was to have my GBH Part 2 up within days of Part 1.  A frightening medical emergency with our 15-month old grandson (everything is fine now!!) and a sneak-away vacation for our 33rd anniversary (yep, that long!) kept me away from my personal time with my computer and blog.  Let me try to get back on track!

Although I’ve had less time to hang around on my balcony, I’ve still had no problem catching a glimpse or spend a few moments watching our Mr. Great Blue Heron who still comes around to fish and hang out.  I feel my neighbors and I are so lucky!  🙂

First, a couple of quick Great Blue Heron facts–
Adults are approximately 4 feet tall with a wingspan of 6 feet.
They live alone except at breeding time.
They live about 15 years.
They can fly at 20-30 mph!

Now on with the Part 2 photos of this gorgeous bird.  First, some rock-jumping to stalk more fish!

All awhile keeping an eye on his surroundings, including the sky and that osprey that perches on the nest platform and loves to harrass him….

Even worse, sometimes an eye on me!  LOL  He really doesn’t seem to be bothered that I or the neighbors watch him.  I love it!

The Great Blue Heron’s unusual “S” shaped neck allows it to spring quickly like a coil in order to catch its prey. The unique way it moves also allows the heron to fold its neck back into its shoulders during flight to move more easily through the air.  But as in the previous and next photos, they can also extend their neck very long and straight, sometimes as a display of courtship or to just keep track of his surroundings and those that venture too near him.

I’ve enjoyed sharing captures of the Great Blue Heron in these two posts that were not the ‘normal’ shot you see in a magazine or article.  And with this bird being such a beautifully photogenic-posing bird, I decided I just had to conclude with some of those normal shots, as he has given me so many!

Okay….I have two more photos of another Great Blue Heron, but these were taken down the road from me on Rt. 18 along  Marshy Creek couple months ago.  I just happen to stop and capture him after he successfully captured his next meal.

A final word please.  For you followers that I follow, I am totally behind on reading your blogs and hope to get time this weekend to catch up as many as best I can…..I miss reading them so much!  I hope you understand!

Everyone please enjoy a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend, and as always thank you for taking your time to visit my blog.  I appreciate each one of you!  🙂

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