Hurricane Sandy Over Prospect Bay – Update @ 1:30 PM

We are now experiencing sustained W/NW winds of 37 mph with gusts at 44 mph.  They were coming from the N/NW.  Our building shakes when the gusts hit.  Our large windows heave, and the plants seem to be ‘alive’ as they & the ceiling fan chains jiggle at a gust hit.  Late this afternoon into the evening, we are forecasted for sustained W winds at 40-50 mph, with gusts at 60 mph.  Low tide occurred for us at 11:26 am and was about normal in height.  Tonight is the full moon high tide, ours is to occur at 5:51 pm.  It appears we will be spared a big surge which is great.  I’ve been taking photos every 1/2 hour or so since daybreak.  Here’s a few of what is going on outside my window…..

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 8:12 am – 18 mph N/NW winds, gusts at 31 mph

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 10:23 am – 23 mph N/NW winds, gusts at 42 mph

This fella was trying to fish as he does wild maneuvering in the winds.  He actually did a couple dives but wasn’t successful.

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 10:57 am – A tern fishes in the winds!

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 12:23pm – 32mph W/NW winds, gusts at 41 mph.

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 1:28pm – 37 mph W/NW winds, gusts at 44 mph.

It really doesn’t look so bad, does it?  It seems it’s not much different than a bad thunderstorm coming across the Chesapeake Bay EXCEPT they usually only last 20 mins to an hour at most.  But this one is still going on.  The driving winds and rain really are pressing down instead of kicking up the water, but there is water mist blowing across on top.  A few birds are trying to fly somewhere/anywhere for safety.  I just watched four ducks go for a wild ride up over me, almost being flipped upsidedown from the wind.  This fella somehow righted himself before being flipped completely!

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 1:26pm – Duck almost being flipped upsidedown in the wind

Still hoping for the best and trying not to worry!  Just wish our building would stop shaking!!  :-\

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Over Prospect Bay – Update @ 1:30 PM

  1. This is awesome! Yes, I remember the birds flipping around in the wind currents and can see the rows of waves coming in-glad to hear not too much of a surge is expected. Exciting and scary all at once.

  2. Glad to here things are going pretty well considering. It’s been windy with driving rain here so far. I suppose being at higher elevations has it’s advantages…until the storm makes landfall. glad you guys are safe and sound!

  3. Whoa nelly!……You’d better fashion yourself some kind of “seat-belt” for the rest of the storm…..Those poor birds….can’t imagine what they’re thinking of all of that…stay safe!

    • I’ve been worrying about the birds, lol. Even worrying about our daily-visiting great blue heron. He brings a lot of joy to our community just with his beautiful presence. Hope he is okay!

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