Hurricane Sandy Over Prospect Bay – Update @ 4:30 PM

Sandy has been showing us her nastiest the last few hours.  We went from 32 mph winds/gusting to 44 mph to now 43 mph winds/gusting in the low 50’s.  I didn’t think our building would shake as much as it has.  🙁   As I type, my laptop on my dining room table both shake with the continuous strong gusts slamming our building.    BTW, our ceiling-to-floor windows are new 10 months ago and are certified to take 120 mph winds.  I’m trying to keep my belief in that!

Here’s some of my latest shots….

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 2:07pm –  37 mph/gusting to 41

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 3:33pm – 43mph/gusting to low 50’s

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 4:16pm – 43 mph, gusting to low 50’s

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 4:16pm – Overlooking Chesapeake Bay Environ Ctr

The photos really don’t look like they change much.  But boy the wind is really howling and the rains are heavy.  It is scary to me.  The news stations are saying this will continue into and through the night.  That sounds like no sleep to me….

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