Kent Narrows Area After Hurricane Sandy

We ventured out a little after 10:00 am this morning, 4 1/2 hours after high tide, and were shocked at the flooding waters in our area.  We had actually been stranded at high tide with both directions of Rt 18 flooded out if we had tried to leave our community at that time.  Both ways were still flooded and we were directed to get directly onto Rt 50 through the lowest waters.  We drove down to check on our boat on it’s trailer on dry land and it was fine.  The kids called and our building in Middletown only suffered minor water intrusion at the doors that were packed with towels so we made out fine there too.  Decided to close the office another day, what the heck.  Had enough stress the past day, needed a day to relax, really.   Family everywhere did well, only our son and his family lost power and are still without power at this writing.  They have relocated to her parents temporarily.  All in all, we are blessed with no major problems.  Those that were not so lucky, our hearts go out to each person.

We only stayed out a half hour, all roads off of Rt 50 along Rt 18 had many closures for small stretches.  We are a low-lying coastal community and we swell with water every time a high high-tide along Rt 18 hits.  Our townhouse/condo community buildings are built on piers, so water that does crest as it does on the Point on the Narrows at times, will flow throw the lattice to the drains in the streets.  Our morning drive through still showed water flooding the grass and street there at the Point.

There were many police officers, SHA patrolmen, and equipment blocking closed roads while attending individual situations everywhere we turned.  So we decided to go back home and not be in the way.  I tried to grab a shot out the window while passing by the short drive we did on Rt 50.  Here’s a few that luckily turned out.  A reminder, these are 4 1/2  hours AFTER high tide.

Winchester Creek from Rt 50 – piers’ walkways are under water & yards crested @ 10:21 am.

Beach Harbor Trailer Park – the normally dry frontage/entrance is under water at 10:22 am.

Beach Harbor Trailer Park – To the left of the sign in previous photo 10:22 am.

Kent Narrows Yacht Club – walking piers & roadway entrance into KNYC flooded, 10:29 am.

Fisherman’s Inn Restaurant & Crab Deck front parking lot & piers in background are completely under water at 10:30 am.  Truck in bottom right entrance by white boats is stopped at the water line.

From my balcony overlooking Prospect Bay after returning, 10:48am.   Kent Island to the right, Gibson Island back center, and edge of Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center to the left.  Winds S 20 mph, gusts 30 mph.  Sandy is still blowing.

Here’s a few photos, courtesy of Mears Point Marina down at the Kent Narrows.

Mears Point Marina 9:00 am, courtesy of Mears Point Marina Newsletter

Mears Point Marina 9:00 am, courtesy of Mears Point Marina Newsletter

Mears Point Marina 9:00am, courtesy of Mears Point Marina Newsletter

Annie’s Steak House’s parking lot with Mears Office in background 9:00am, courtesy of Mears Point Marina Newsletter

Red Eyes Dock Bar, Kent Narrows, 9:00am courtesy of Mears Point Marina Newsletter

With the continuing 20-25 mph South winds, water is continuing to blow up the Chesapeake Bay, keeping it from receding for our 11:55 am low tide.   It’s a little after 3:30 pm and the water is rising for the upcoming 6:28 pm high tide.  The local stations are saying we are going to have another high high-tide so it appears we will have a repeat of local flooding.  Could it be higher than this morning’s since the water didn’t recede very much?

Here are two photos just taken, the waves are crashing over the riprap already.  Not so good at three hours before actually high tide of 6:28 pm.

Overlooking Prospect Bay at 3:25 pm – waves are crashing over the riprap in front of the bench.

The cove to the right of my balcony at 3:27 pm, waves are splashing over the riprap. The previous high tide residue is seen to the far right from this morning’s high high tide.

Appreciate your following my blog, it’s been fun and scary keeping a photolog of Hurricane Sandy here in our area.  It certainly helped my nerves!  🙂

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