Hurricane Sandy Over Prospect Bay – The Morning After

Hurricane Sandy has left a path of destruction throughout the East Coast.  Through the night our area was blasted with continuous high gusts in the 50-70mph winds; and it was scary, I really expected our windows to blow in from the direct winds pounding them.  But here I am, with electricity no less, thanking God we were spared here at home.  Silly me, we slept with the bathroom exhaust fan on in our bedroom to help drown out the howling wind.  Honestly, it helped!  I am still amazed and cannot believe we did not lose power overnight.  As daylight begins to appear, I can see Kent Island has power along their waterfront.  I did get up at at 5:40am to see what the high tide due at 5:51am was doing.  It appears we had an extra 2-3 feet of high tide, it was crashing up over the riprap onto our grass with debris.  The winds are still at 20+ mph from the south, gusting in the low 30’s, along with a steady rain.  I now do feel safe.  🙂

As we wait for the Governor of Delaware to lift the driving ban, we are watching TV and seeing all the destruction north of us.  Heartbreaking.  Our thoughts are with everyone that has been affected.  We are anxious to know how our commercial building fared in Middletown, Delaware, and should know soon, once our daughter & son-in-law who lives close by can slip over there to check on it soon as the driving ban is lifted.

A silver lining with the aftermath.  Look who also made it through the storm safely and returned this morning for a little fishing?

Our daily visiting Great Blue Heron, who also survived and returned this morning.

“Our” Great Blue Heron

I’ve watched him for a little while, he’s still out there trying to figure how to get to the water and be able to stand safely to fish.

The aftermath of this morning’s high tide. Thankfully it wasn’t real bad!

For those that were in Sandy’s path, continue to keep safe as you check out your local area.  I’ll see if I can get out to get some photos.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with me through Hurricane Sandy!

13 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Over Prospect Bay – The Morning After

  1. Donna, so glad you and the windows made it thru the wind. I am amazed you could sleep, but I have done the same here in Texas with a wind storm or thunder storm blowing thru. Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress of Sandy. AND – what a treat to see your blue heron!! Wonder where these large birds ride out a storm? Hope the building is OK. Look forward to some pictures. hugs, and stay safe

  2. Wow Donna, you were in my mind and prayers. it is very”real” when I can read your blog and hear how you are not having a good time with descriptions of the wind-it reminded me of the storm I got caught in in the summer and the quick changes in cloud but it was the wind that really scared me, the sound and the force that really showed me how powerless I was.. Seeing the heron is such a message of hope and brings to mind that we will probably see a lot of misplaced birds who have been blown far away from home. I am glad that you are safe and hope for the best with your commercial building.

    • Thanks Jane, the wind’s force really did make me feel powerless, I hated knowing I just had to ride it out….but I hope never again, told my husband, we’re going far away out of town if there’s ever another one! The blue heron’s appearance made my heart smile (as did the big smile on my face!). I actually worried about him/her, thinking how much joy it brought our community, almost always right on time each day. And he/she did not fail us this morning. What a sight for me!

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