Eagle Excitement Around Oyster Cove

For those following my blog from my community, I hope you’ve noticed and enjoyed the increased eagle activity around us this past couple months.  You cannot watch the skies for a day or two and not see at least one soaring above or at a distance or perched on ours or CBEC’s osprey platforms or the channel markers around us.  For everyone, here’s a series of just a few of the many photos I’ve taken in the few times I spent ‘looking’ from my balcony the last two weeks.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

_DSC0155-1 2-25-13

_DSC0097-1 2-18-13

_DSC0102-1 2-18-13

_DSC0107-1 2-18-13

This next adult was having breakfast on our osprey nest platform yesterday morning.  It looked like it was an unfortunate duck.

_DSC0315-1 3-2-13

_DSC0266-1 3-2-13

_DSC0292-1 3-2-13

_DSC0274-1 3-2-13

Belly full, the eagle just sat and looked around.

_DSC0347-1 3-2-13

_DSC0350-1 3-2-13

_DSC0355-1 3-2-13

Time to move on!

_DSC0363-2 3-2-13

_DSC0364-1 3-2-13

About a half hour later, I spotted a Turkey Vulture landing on the platform.  He finished the duck.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

_DSC0393-1 3-2-13

_DSC0375-1 3-2-13

_DSC0411-1 3-2-13

I’ve seen a juvenile Eagle many times.  Here he/she is coming towards me and then swooping down to the water to grab a meal.

Juvenile American Bald Eagle

Juvenile American Bald Eagle

_DSC0447-1 3-2-13

_DSC0449-1 3-2-13

_DSC0453-1 3-2-13

_DSC0454-1 3-2-13

The juvenile eagle came back by me and then circled again, passing closer to me before heading off with his catch.

_DSC0456-1 3-2-13

_DSC0467-1 3-2-13

_DSC0469-1 3-2-13

_DSC0473-1 3-2-13

_DSC0474-1- 3-2-13

_DSC0481-1 3-2-13

Couple more individual shots…..

_DSC0518-1 3-2-13

_DSC0489-1 3-2-13

I was fortunate to be out at the right time to catch this adult eagle passing by real close!  🙂

_DSC0564-1 3-2-13

_DSC0567-1 3-2-13

_DSC0568-1 3-2-13

_DSC0570-1 3-2-13

_DSC0574-1 3-2-13

_DSC0575-1 3-2-13

What a majestic bird!  I still get excited to see one no matter how many or how recent I saw the last.  I hope you enjoyed these that I wanted to share.

Note, we have a huge snow storm crossing the United States.  For us in the Chesapeake Bay Mid-Atlantic area, we’re borderline rain or snow.  They don’t know just where the snow’s southern line will be just yet.  As we are, everyone please stay informed of your area’s predictions, prepare, and be safe!

20 thoughts on “Eagle Excitement Around Oyster Cove

  1. Excellent shots of the eagles. You’re right, no matter how many times one sees them, they are always a cause for excitement! I spent today photographing a flock of around 40 eagles migrating north, it was fun to watch them in action.

    • Thanks so much Jerry! I think I would faint if I saw 40 eagles in one day, WOW what excitement and a thrill that must have felt like. Thanks for sharing such an awesome sighting! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Kathy, my adrenaline pumps every time I see & try to photograph them, especially when I’m not ready & trying to grab the camera, lol. 😉 OR when hubby hollers eagle when I’m in the back. LOL!

    • Thank you so much Nia! They are very exciting to watch, especially when a male & female pair fly together, bonding, touching each other, and playing. When they mate, they connect their talons high in the sky and cartwheel while falling down to the earth, releasing and flying apart just before hitting. It is scary but beautiful!

    • Thanks Georgette! My main viewing time weekdays is sunrise-7:30am and 5:00pm-sunset. I see more eagles in the morning than the evening. And if I’ve been able to stay at home on the weekends until at least 10-11am, they are still active it seems maybe until noonish? Watch mostly over CBEC either soaring or on their osprey nest platform across from us or perched in the trees above that platform. Also the channel markers at Lippincott and Kent Narrows. Good luck!

    • Thanks Jane, the turkey vulture really was a surprise, I was glad I got to see him on our platform. People do underrate this fine bird just because of it’s looks, but they are the janitors of our world’s leftovers that would otherwise decay around us, so kudos to the TV!

    • That turkey vulture really surprised me too. He did look nervously around to make sure the eagle wasn’t coming back. I’ve seen about a dozen turkey vultures once surround an eagle while he ate a deer. The eagle didn’t even seem to care. Which of course is because he’s the boss!

  2. Hi Donna, you’re a lucky lady! You got great shots at such magnificent bird the Bald Eagle. Good for you! Now that I’m back home I’ll resume my blogging soon. 🙂

  3. We have bald eagles that come to our weland to fish, they are really amazing creatures. Your photos really capture that.

    • Thank you Charlie! They are amazing, I get excited every time I see one as if it was the first one I’d ever seen. I’ve heard Washington has a huge population of eagles! They made a great come-back here around the Chesapeake Bay which I am very thankful. 🙂

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