Osprey Sighting ——– Rt 50/301 Grasonville Maryland

WOOHOO!  That’s the excitement I felt when I spotted my first Osprey of the season this morning in our area on my way in to work.  🙂    He/she was perched on top of the Rt 50/301 Exit 44A Chester River Beach overhead sign that is also supporting an Osprey nest that has been active for several years.  We have several active Osprey nests built along this highway corridor that I post on occasion each season.

Thank goodness I had my camera, I wheeled my car off the next ramp and headed back to capture a few shots.  🙂



_DSC0324-1 3-5-13

_DSC0284-1 3-5-13

A bit scruffy-looking, but you’d look that way too after flying a few thousand miles in just a few weeks!  😉

Our local Osprey season has begun!  I just had to let you know!  🙂

UPDATE:  3/8/13 – The osprey is still perching on this sign so it appears that this one is home.  I briefly watched the skies early this morning from my balcony before heading to work, but no sign of an osprey here amongst all our local platforms.   For sure, it’s just a matter of time…..maybe this weekend!  🙂

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