Osprey Osprey Everywhere – Part 2

Welcome back to the Osprey!  This series of flight photos from the last 6-7 weeks continues my previous post on the resident Osprey in our area, all taken from my third floor balcony.  If you didn’t get enough Osprey on the last post, this one will do it.  Actually you should beware, this one might put you on Osprey overload!   😉

_DSC0513-1 4-14-13

_DSC0027-1 5-18-13

_DSC0134-1 5-4-13

_DSC0093-1 5-18-13

_DSC0011-1 5-1-13

_DSC0147-1 4-21-13

_DSC0110-1 5-11-13

_DSC0212-1 4-21-13

_DSC0311-1 4-20-13

_DSC0152-1 4-19-13

_DSC0015-1 5-7-13

_DSC0030-1 5-1-13_DSC0033-1 5-18-13

_DSC0231-1 4-21-13

_DSC0324-1 4-20-13

_DSC0171-1 4-17-13

_DSC0142-1 4-21-13

_DSC0074-1 4-20-13

_DSC0122-1 5-18-13

_DSC0094-1 4-15-13

_DSC0150-1 4-19-13

_DSC0400-1 4-13-13

_DSC0224-1 4-21-13

_DSC0323-1 4-20-13

_DSC0385-1 4-13-13

_DSC0030-1- 5-18-13

_DSC0515-1 4-14-13

_DSC0390-1 4-21-13

_DSC0084-1 5-18-13

_DSC0085-1 5-18-13

_DSC0085-1 4-16-13

_DSC0038-1 4-20-13

_DSC0039-1 4-20-13

As I said, Osprey overload!  LOL  As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoy watching and photographing Osprey.  They provide great photo ops as they go about their business and adventures right alongside us humans.

I hope you enjoyed the Osprey through my lens!  As always, thank you for stopping by and make it great week!

38 thoughts on “Osprey Osprey Everywhere – Part 2

  1. Great to see so many at one location. As I mentioned once, Osprey as a bird that is trying to make a comeback in the U.K.. This year sites in Scotland get stronger and here in England locations where chicks were re-introduced a few years back have now seen more birds returning to nest after over wintering in Africa. In fact news came in last night that one nest where 3 eggs have been laid now have two chicks! So another little success on the way back for the Osprey.

    • Thank you David for your comments! I’m guessing you must know about “Lady of the Loch” monitored by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. I’ve been following this female osprey for several years! For others, here’s the link about her, a daily blog and a webcam. http://blogs.scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk/osprey/ “Lady” as she is known, is 22 years old (osprey lifespan is usually 10-15 years), and is miraculously sitting on a bumper crop of 4 eggs right now! She’s laid 64 eggs to date, 48 chicks have fledged, and she’s with a new 4th breeding partner this year. They have calculated that she has traveled 129,000 miles during her migrations to and from Africa. Just amazing!

      • Yep….I have watched from the hide at various times and even recall the first time she nested in Perthshire. Loch Garten is another famous location with hides and camera set ups. Great (and as important as these sites are for re-establishing the population of Osprey) it still doesn’t come close to seeing them as if by chance in the wider landscape….thankfully this is now happening more regularly. But numbers are still very low.

  2. Wings, talons, light and grace – oh my! My favorite is….no, I can’t pick just one. The distant shot 0122 is spectacular and reminds me of a shell on the beach. Thanks for sharing these osprey that must enjoy you too! Those eyes are watching you! hugs

    • Thanks Beth, I couldn’t pick just one or ten or twenty or…..lol. I liked the osprey in the distant shot too because of the way the sun lit him up with a pearl-like shine. A shell is another great description! And those eyes do lock on you but just as quickly they’ll look away at something else. Such beauty!

    • Thank you David, they are so entertaining, I can’t help myself! 🙂 Between them and the daily visiting Great Blue Heron down at the berm under and around the osprey platform, I’m never bored. I could watch nature all day long!

  3. Amidst all the fantastic shots I had a soft spot for the rather small one where the osprey looked exactly like the sort of eagle you find on national flags and badges.

    • Thanks so much Tom! He was doing beautiful wing-spans while hovering over the water at a distant, trying to locate fish to dive for. I got lucky on that one having any detail!

    • Thank you Jane, I’m already getting anxious on my soon-to-be seeing of little chicks peaking over nests and watching them eagerly practice their flapping for their first flight.

  4. Love them all!! U really capture their expressions! What an awesome bird and great photography!! thank u for sharing them with all of us.

  5. Not only a superb series of pictures but also an education!….. I was out and about a couple of weeks ago and took two frames of an Osprey before I even knew what it was!……. by the time I realised, it was gone and another chance missed but wonderful to watch circling out of sight on a thermal!…..;)
    Thank you for your post and If you would like to overload again feel free!…..;)

  6. Hi Donna, I like the shot where the Osprey has its talons extended. I have seen Osprey a few times and think that Osprey are exciting birds of prey. Have a wonderful Thursday tomorrow

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