The Least Tern Dive

Weeks ago I was working on photographing the Least Terns that were busily flying back and forth and diving for small fish in front of our community’s Osprey nest platform across the waters of Marshy Creek.  What a challenge!  What fun!  What a huge amount of photo deletes!

I especially loved watching them dive.  Just like an Osprey, they dive full-force into the water submerging themselves.  But they aren’t so lucky to have talons like the Osprey to grab the fish, the Least Terns use their beak and skim/scoop up the tiny fish.   Such simple nature entertainment!

Finally, I got lucky with one of the Least Terns diving.  He flew actually a bit closer than they normally were and was off to the left of the Osprey nest platform when he took the plunge!  Here’s the series of my best shots captured of his dive.

Least Tern diving for a fish

Least Tern diving for a fish

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_DSC0491-1 4-26-13

_DSC0492-1 4-26-13

_DSC0493-1 4-26-13

_DSC0494-1 4-26-13

_DSC0495-1 4-26-13

_DSC0553-1 4-26-13

Unfortunately, he came up empty but was quickly searching and diving once again with all his fellow terns.   🙂

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by!

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