A Heron and A Crab at the Golden Hour

Several days ago we had a gorgeous sunset and the golden light was reflecting on the water off to our balcony’s right.  I was gazing at the rippling water from my window, not realizing the window frame was blocking out of my view a Great Blue Heron doing a little fishing.  Realizing the water had a continuing ripple band coming from the berm, I moved my head and then I saw him.  A sprint out to the balcony, grabbing my camera in passing, I quickly took aim, not sure if his capture would turn out with such low light, but hoping a pretty silhouette shot.  Not only did I love the shots, I got lucky with a cool surprise.  My exposures changed a bit but I didn’t do any color editing, only cropping.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron doing a little fishing

I was only going to take a couple photos but got lucky as he immediately plunged for a fish……..uh, no, a crab!

_DSC0180-1 6-3-13

The heron held onto the wiggly crab, plunging him a couple times.  But the crab was not going to be dinner, in the next photo he had a free claw reaching up to the heron’s beak.


I think the crab must have gotten in a quick pinch, because the heron quickly plunged the crab again in the next photo….


and then let him go in a circle of ripples!


The Great Blue Heron stood there for only a few seconds and then took flight……


and landed on the other side of the cove on the point.


Hopefully the fishing was better over there and there were no crabs & claws to contend with!  🙂

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend!



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