Buffleheads Are Back……And So Am I!

WOW, I cannot believe that several months have passed since my last post.  Several ups and downs, and a few hiccups inbetween, unfortunately kept me from my hobby.  I’ve missed blogging and haven’t been able to keep up with those blogs I read regularly.  I’ve tried to photograph here and there when I could.  It’s just not been the same…..

I hope I’m able to find the time and get back to blogging and blog reading.  I love the fall season here along the Kent Narrows on the Maryland Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  It is impossible to not get inspired by the bold colors and sounds that have arrived.  When the sun rises each morning, small flocks of Canada Geese are honking in distance coves as they awake and discuss their plans on departing and moving on for the day in search of farm lands to feed on.  They return in the evening for safety through the night.

Some of my shots:

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Coming in for a landing!

Coming in for a landing!

Canada Geese flying into the sunset

Canada Geese flying into the sunset

This past Wednesday before leaving for work, I was out on my balcony listening to the Canada Geese’s usual morning chatter.  A breezy wind was chopping up the water a bit, yet a white spot caught my eye out in the distant.  I grabbed my binoculars and saw a lone male Bufflehead bobbing along.  My first of the season!

Is that a male Bufflehead I see?

Is that a male Bufflehead I see?

Sure is!

Sure is!

The Bufflehead is the smallest of the duck family in North America.  Chunky and energetic, they are super-fun to watch!  When able to photograph them close-up, the mission is to capture their dark glossy head gleaming an iridescent greenish-purple shine.  Like this shot of mine from last winter.   🙂

Male Bufflehead

Male Bufflehead

The next morning I looked for the lone Mr. Bufflehead again, hoping he returned.  I was surprised to find a group this time!

Buffleheads - male and female

Male and Female Buffleheads

They made their way towards a group of Mallard Ducks where there’s safety in numbers.

Buffleheads mixing in with Mallard Ducks

Buffleheads mixing in with Mallard Ducks for safety

I hung around a little longer hoping they would venture towards me for some better shots, but no such luck this time.  No matter, the Buffleheads are back!

A final photo of one of our community’s trees, on fire for the season, captured this morning.

DSC_5398-1 11-17-13

It’s good to be back.  🙂
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your week!  Make it a great one!

31 thoughts on “Buffleheads Are Back……And So Am I!

  1. Hi Donna! I’m happy to see a post from you :). I took a hiatus as well; summer was so busy … I had 8-9 osprey nests within my normal driving route this summer!

    • Thanks Neita, sometimes life gets too busy for all our hobbies! Wonderful daily osprey-watching opportunities with 8-9 nests, I’m sure you enjoyed some awesome sightings! 🙂

  2. So good to have you back, Donna!! You were missed. And what beautiful colors you have shown us! I just love those little Buffleheads and keep looking here, but no luck. Thanks for sharing your group and the brilliant colors of fall. hugs

  3. Hi Donna so good to hear from you again! Your pictures and captions are absolutely beautiful as always!! Our osprey Angelo and Angie’s offspring Benny and Bella flew off to probably South America and we hope to see them in a few years. Looking forward possibly Catarina (cat),Carlo and Colombo this spring! Unfortunately the osprey’s tree is falling apart limb by limb and I’m afraid there is not much time left for that tree. :-(((( We’ll enjoy them while we can though. 🙂

    • Thanks Linda! Congrats on Benny & Bella’s successful birth, fledging & now migration, I wish them well! It’s like saying goodbye to a part of your family when you watch & live with them on a daily basis. Sad to see a year-after-year nest-bearing tree start falling apart, my fingers are crossed Angelo & Angie will stay within a few trees of that one for next year’s family planning and your enjoyment. 🙂

  4. Great to see a post from you Donna, I missed seeing your stunning photography. Gorgeous shots as ever! 🙂 x

  5. Welcome back! I like how you captured the highlights of the bufflehead’s colours,great colour in the tree too.And the golden shots-wow! I see you haven’t lost your touch. It has been a tough time for you, I wish you well.

  6. Ahhh! I saw your name pop up on my notifications and immediately had to pop over. I didn’t know you were away for a bit, but I so understand how that goes. I took off the month of December as I knew I wouldn’t have time to take photos and it is just too much pressure to put that upon oneself. I learned over a year ago, That posting daily like I did for two plus years was insane. I’m not sure how I did it actually. Life happens and you just have to go with the flow. The thing is, your blogging buds will always be here no matter how long between posts. Everybody gets it. Wishing you a happy, healthy, creative, picture taking 2014 Donna! Hugs, Margie

  7. Loving the beautiful buffleheads, Donna! Sure do miss reading your blog. I’ll be back sooner I hope 🙂 Sheila

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