Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and memorable holiday season and wish each of you good health, peace, and prosperity for the New Year!

My goals are to get healthier and to get back into my passion with wildlife photography.  AND catch up with my fellow bloggers’ posts!  🙂  The end of the year went quick, I captured different visiting birds and some gorgeous sunsets but had no time to post or get back to enjoying yours….

I want to say I am very thankful to all of you that have followed me along my journey in photography.  It has been you that has inspired me to explore and share what I capture through my lens!  Thank you, friend!

New Year New Look.  Yes, I changed my blog theme!  (may still have some ‘bugs’ to work out though)  I’ve been wanting a “new look” to better showcase photos but worried what would occur with my past post content.  Would my past photos distort since I went bigger on photo-size?  Yep, appears that way.  I may try to reinsert some of the more recent previous photos to accurate size but can’t worry myself too much with it.  I want to move forward and post new photos as I take them and get back into the joy of blogging and sharing!

So what’s been going on around here the Chesapeake Bay?  The migratory birds have arrived!  I shared those adorable Buffleheads in my last post; they are and will continue to be regular visitors for us to enjoy until Spring.

The local Bald Eagles are very active now in the sky as they bond and court.  The females will be laying eggs towards the end of January/first of February.  To watch their activity in the sky is quite enjoyable.  I recently saw five at once from my balcony, but they weren’t eager to share the airspace altogether and immediately went their separate ways, two pairs and a loner juvenile.  I missed the shot but what a bonus just to see!  I did capture an adult Bald Eagle resting on the distant southend Kent Narrows Channel Marker #3 couple weeks ago.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

He/she perched on the marker for about half an hour before departing out of sight.

_DSC0242-1 12-14-13

_DSC0243-1 12-14-13

_DSC0243-2 12-14-13

For an outstanding video of over 1,000 Bald Eagles flying over a dam on the Mississippi River December 15th, click HERE.  AMAZING!

Enjoy your New Year and keep smiling……it makes people wonder what you’re up to!   🙂

And as always, thank you for stopping by!am

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year my friend, it’s really good to hear from you again, I missed your blog and your great comments! Congrats on your new blog theme, looks nice! 🙂

    • Best wishes to you too HJ! I hope I’m back and life lets me, lol. I’ve missed keeping up with your blogs, I’ll be over to catch up shortly! Hope your birds have been treating you just as well as I know you have them! 🙂

  2. So glad to see your great photos! Glad you are there to capture the wonderful scenes the rest of us miss when we are buzzing by on Rte 50 and the Bridge. 🙂

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