A Cold Leaf

This past weekend I was able to get out briefly for a hike over at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (post forthcoming) for a little exercise and photography.  The day before I had seen Mike Powell’s photography blog post on his “Dancing Leaf” photo conveying winter, and I was inspired on such a simple winter photo that I would have never thought to envision myself.

So, as I was working my way through some snow on my hike snapping away at the birds, I came upon a wide open area where all these leaves were jutting out from little drifts here and there.  Mike’s photo instantly came to mind and I began searching for my leaf-op to capture.  It wasn’t so easy at first to ‘see & find’ my vision.  Then I saw and said, you’re the one.

_DSC0208-1 1-26-14

An oak leaf, I believe.  But I’m not so good on the plants and trees, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you, Mike, for the inspiration, I had fun with it and enjoyed learning to expand my photography vision.  🙂

And I hope ya’ll enjoyed this simple shot with me too!

24 thoughts on “A Cold Leaf

  1. That’s what makes Photography so unique, you can capture photos of what inspired you and convey this inspiration to others with a click of a button! Great capture Donna! 🙂

  2. Beautiful shot (and thanks for the mention). Your shot has many of the same basic elements as the one in my posting, but it is interesting to note how your individual situation makes this one uniquely yours. I love the details in the leaf itself, including all of the veins, and the wonderful shadow. I don”t know how much difficulty you had in getting a proper exposure, but I know that I had to play around a bit to ensure that the snow stayed white.

    • Thanks again, Mike! I mentioned it was fun, but oh yes I was playing around with the exposure. I’m not sure now how many total shots I took to try to get it best I could. The morning’s wind was calm so I had that going for me, lol. Birds are my fascination but I’m working on trying to expand my photography ‘horizons’! 🙂 Appreciate your inspirations!

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