American Robin

With the frigid temperatures, the local ‘land’ birds in our community have been scarce, only out from their shelter to seek food.  Sunday we awoke to a gorgeous sunny morning and the winds had died down, finally.  Made the morning feel like early spring.  That wasn’t only my opinion, I could hear land birds singing their enjoyment as well!

This fine-looking fella was no exception.  He, too, was very happy to feel the sun’s warmth.  So much so, he obliged in giving me a nice photo session.

American Robin

Male American Robin

_DSC0293-1 1-26-14

Male American Robin

I hadn’t seen a robin for so long, it was a happy sighting…..and a promise Spring will be here soon!

22 thoughts on “American Robin

    • I was actually sitting still in my car trying to capture another bird, when the Robin flew to the berry tree. I guess he thought I should being photographing him instead! lol Berries are always an added plus with color in a bird shot.

  1. They’re are Robins around Madison all winter long, but I never see them in my yard, not enough berries to eat, I suppose. When they do show up I feel spring is right around the corner. Can’t come fast enough for me! Thanks for these pics though!

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