Breakfast With An Eagle

I had breakfast with an Eagle this past Saturday.

We had just experienced a previous day of very warm temps (a tease from Mother Nature).  The early morning sunrise was gorgeous.   The beginning of another teasingly warm day could already be felt.  Our ice-over had mostly melted away.

DSC_7367-1 2-22-14

Sunrise over Marshy Creek and Lippincott’s Channel Marker #3

I with my cup of coffee (and binoculars and cameras).  Mr. Eagle arrived on Lippincott’s Channel Marker #3 with his breakfast.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

_DSC0069-1 2-22-14

_DSC0072-1 2-22-14

As I sipped and watched, he ate and watched.  No words needed amongst friends.

Hard to beat a breakfast like this!

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