A Killdeer Reflects

Leaving early yesterday morning for work, I swung past our community’s small tidal inlet behind the tennis courts for a quick sneak-peek of who might be resting or feeding.  The sun is to my back here in the mornings.  The tide was out.  The best time to check!

I was wonderfully surprised to find a Killdeer with a buddy.  The buddy comes later.

I did not have my teleconverter on my 70-200mm lens.  I am sooo disappointed about that!  But I am still very happy with the cropping I was able to do to bring him closer to the screen.

The Killdeer offered me a wonderful session as I photographed from behind the tall dead marsh grass, shooting between the stalks.  (And not always successful as they swayed!)  I had a little difficulty with the partial shading too.

You know me, I have a tough time picking just one or two of a good thing.  🙂

_DSC0095-1 41014

_DSC0096-1 41014

_DSC0107-1 41014

_DSC0112-1 41014

_DSC0114-1 41014

_DSC0153-1 41014

_DSC0156-1 41014 _DSC0157-1 41014I told you!  🙂

And so who was the Killdeer’s buddy?  An American Robin.  Here’s my best shot of both together in one frame.  I couldn’t believe I finally got the opportunity with both giving a side body reflection at the same time.  That’s called luck!

Killdeer and American Robin

Killdeer and American Robin

Mr. Robin doesn’t want to be outdone and will show off his reflections in my next post.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super Spring weekend!

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