An American Robin Reflects (His Turn)

My previous post ensured that Mr. Robin would receive his turn on showing off his beautiful profile!

A few days ago, this American Robin had been feeding just a few feet away from a Killdeer in the small tidal inlet along our community’s boundaries early morning shortly after the sun had risen.  What luck to discover these two birds reflecting in the still waters on my way to work.  Sure made my drive in a little chipper!

Just as the Killdeer did, this Robin gave me so many positions of perfect reflections, I cannot just post a couple.   🙂

American Robin - Male

American Robin – Male

(If the next photo is too large for you to view all at once, please double-click for full version!)

_DSC0148-1 41014

_DSC0162-1 41014

(I liked how his foot's reflection appeared in this one.)

(I liked how his foot’s reflection appeared in this one.)

_DSC0164-1 41014

_DSC0166-1 41014

_DSC0168-1 41014

_DSC0175-1 41014

The photos of this Robin and the Killdeer in my previous post will definitely go in my favorites folder!  🙂

Have a great week everyone!

20 thoughts on “An American Robin Reflects (His Turn)

  1. I was looking forward to this and I am not disappointed.Great reflections with the blue and rust tones. Aack, don’t you hate the garbage at this time of year. Our river valley looks horrific but there will be a clean-up next month.

  2. These two reflection posts you have shared are now my new favourites of yours Donna. I wouldn’t say no to a photo hanging on my wall! Fabulous images 😀 x

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