An Interesting Visitor to the Platform

During the off-season of the Osprey, I’ve photographed quite a few ‘visitors’ to our Osprey nest platform besides the American Bald Eagle (my last post).  The list includes the Great Blue Heron, numerous gulls, a Mallard, Green Heron, Belted Kingfisher, Boat-tailed Grackle, Crows, and Red-Winged Blackbird.

Looking out my window on a recent clear night, I thought I could make out a large shadow on the platform.  Cool, I thought.  I grabbed my binoculars to see if I could identify it and could make out the shape of an owl.  He never made a sound and sat there for over an hour.  I’m not able to identify what owl species.  I know we have Great Horned Owls across Marshy Creek at CBEC, so maybe a GHO?

This was the first time I’ve sighted an owl on the platform.  I gave it a shot to try and capture/document my discovery.  The photo is terrible (and it became my best, ugh!) because I’m not very good at night photography (still learning!) but I wanted to share.

_DSC0008-2 122914

He seemed quite content perched there, and I was tickled with my capture!  🙂


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