A Little Glimpse of Heaven….

Most times, I enjoy our sunrises on the way to work, rising across the farmlands of the Eastern Shore Maryland.  Sometimes, it’s cloudy, maybe raining, and it’s just the lightening of the sky.  And sometimes, it’s an extraordinary display of beauty; to me, like getting a little glimpse of Heaven for just a moment.  This morning’s was one of those beauties.  Still home, I got the chance to capture our gorgeous sunrise over the icy waters of Marshy Creek.

The sun has started its swing back towards the northeast so I cannot see the actual sunrise’s center-point from my third-floor balcony any longer.

So, of course, to ground-level I went.  🙂

Here are my two favorites from the series I shot.

Sunrise over Marshy Creek - February 7, 2015 @ 7:00 am

Sunrise over icy Marshy Creek – February 7, 2015 @ 7:00 am

4 minutes later.....

4 minutes later…..

What an awesome little glimpse….

27 thoughts on “A Little Glimpse of Heaven….

  1. One of the wonderful things about the water is that its beauty is always changing with the weather, tide and time of year. Thanks for sharing.

    • Small world! I’ve been following Bob for a couple years, bought his last published book. His blog is both entertaining AND awesome in photos. Thanks for asking and sharing, Rick! 🙂

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