Another Interesting Visitor to Oyster Cove

Several days ago, while watching Canada Geese feeding and resting in the small cove off to the right of my balcony, I saw a duck that was noticeably different from our usual dabblers.  My binoculars confirmed it was a male Gadwell.  I’ve only sighted this species around our community waters a couple of times.  This little fella was all alone and hung around the geese, I suspected for safety.

Male Gadwell

Male Gadwell

The next day I saw him again but he was wandering more out in the open waters, too far for a decent photo.

My next sighting was three days later.  Eight male Gadwells were moving along in the waters just beyond our Osprey nest platform.

Male Gadwells

Male Gadwells

Male Gadwells

Male Gadwells

I didn’t see any females.  What’s up with that, fellas?  🙂

Haven’t seen any of them since, but glad I did get to capture an infrequent winter visitor to our community waters for my records!  🙂


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