A Surprise February Visitor

Just before the Marshy Creek ‘freeze-over’, I had mentioned a couple posts back that we experienced extreme low tides, causing a large mud flat to the left of our Osprey nest platform.

Sunday, 2/15/15

Our Extreme Low Tide and unusually large mud flat it created

By luck while out on my balcony, I happen to hear a bird that I knew, then saying to myself, “can’t be….that’s a summer bird”.  I started scanning the mud flat, heard him again, and then spotted him.  It was a Killdeer.  Whether is was a local resident or a migrator, I’d never seen nor had any idea Killdeers could survive this far north and wintered around the Chesapeake Bay.  Obviously, they do.  There were actually a pair to boot!

_DSC0150-1 21515


_DSC0184-2 21515

_DSC0188-1 21515

_DSC0173-1 21515

They visited for about five minutes.  I actually heard them the next day but couldn’t spot them.  Nothing since, but of course the ice took over the area.  No matter, I felt fortunate to capture and document that they were indeed here in February!  🙂

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