A Surprise February Visitor

Just before the Marshy Creek ‘freeze-over’, I had mentioned a couple posts back that we experienced extreme low tides, causing a large mud flat to the left of our Osprey nest platform.

Sunday, 2/15/15

Our Extreme Low Tide and unusually large mud flat it created

By luck while out on my balcony, I happen to hear a bird that I knew, then saying to myself, “can’t be….that’s a summer bird”.  I started scanning the mud flat, heard him again, and then spotted him.  It was a Killdeer.  Whether is was a local resident or a migrator, I’d never seen nor had any idea Killdeers could survive this far north and wintered around the Chesapeake Bay.  Obviously, they do.  There were actually a pair to boot!

_DSC0150-1 21515


_DSC0184-2 21515

_DSC0188-1 21515

_DSC0173-1 21515

They visited for about five minutes.  I actually heard them the next day but couldn’t spot them.  Nothing since, but of course the ice took over the area.  No matter, I felt fortunate to capture and document that they were indeed here in February!  🙂

12 thoughts on “A Surprise February Visitor

  1. Those killdeer photos look a lot like ones I take in Texas….in the summer….during the drought! Except your killdeer is more fluffed up to keep warm. Thanks for posting this strange surprise! warm hugs

  2. After having a night of weather alert warnings, we got snow, then rain and ice! This morning I had a Common Grackle in my backyard! ??? These weather pattern changes are getting bird migrations a little off normal course.
    Nice captures Donna! 🙂

    • Thanks HJ, it is neat to sight an unusual visitor but hoping they get back on track for Spring! Stay safe and warm, we’re all getting an icy mess again today, so watch your step outside. 🙂

  3. We have had a combination of freezing weather and very warm thaws. Bears have been spotted coming out of their dens but don’t think they are staying out.

  4. Thanks Lisa, they just proved to me they are indeed hardy! I really got excited when I saw the first one. Since they’re a bit displaced, I’ve been chuckling in my mind, wondering who won the argument on who’s fault it was they were off-course. lol 🙂

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