Duck Dynasty at Kent Narrows

Crossing the Rt. 18 Watermen’s Bridge over the Kent Narrows Channel to run an errand late afternoon a few days ago, I spotted a large quantity of ducks in the waters around the Kent Island Yacht Club piers and bulkhead where the ice buildup had melted.  Quickly finishing my errand, rechecked on return to see if they were still there (YEP!), home to get the camera, and then back to the ducks.

I spent about 90 minutes taking 554 photos in mostly cloudy conditions.  It really was a Duck Dynasty of beauties!


Canvasbacks, American Coots, Ruddy Ducks, Redheads, Lesser Scaup


Canvasbacks, Redheads, Lesser Scaup

If they saw me, they would move away from land, so I had to compromise shooting from behind boats and my car.


Shooting from behind a boat.


Canvasbacks, Redheads, Lesser Scaup, American Coot, Bufflehead


Male & Female Lesser Scaups & Canvasbacks


Redheads, American Coot, Canvasback


Canvasbacks, Ruddy Ducks

When I saw the dozen or so Redheads, my heart skipped a beat, lol.  A lifer for me!  🙂  I’d been trying to photograph a Redhead duck for quite a while now.

Male Redheads

Male Redheads

I even saw a male Redhead coming in for a landing and tried my best to stay locked on him.

Male Redhead

Male Redhead

_DSC0298-1 22515

_DSC0299-1 22515

_DSC0300-1 22515

_DSC0301-1 22515

_DSC0302-1 22515

_DSC0303-1 22515

_DSC0304-1 22515

For some reason, I didn’t get very lucky on close-ups of the Lesser Scaup, but did capture this one.

Male Lesser Scaup

Male Lesser Scaup

Close-up photo ops were galore for the Ruddy Ducks and Canvasbacks, the only two species who started to trust my presence and came a little closer to the bulkhead, and always with an eye on me.  I’ll issue the next two posts of those two  so I don’t overload the ducks on you.  🙂

(Excuse me, friends, for being behind on my blog-reading, I’ll be by soon!)

23 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty at Kent Narrows

  1. Great photos! It seems as if when there’s not much open water because of the ice, that the ducks get more skittish. I had the same trouble as you yesterday, but instead of canvasbacks and lesser scaup, I found redheads and greater scaup.

    • Thanks Jerry! The waters had opened up more around the bridge and with nobody around the marina (except me!), it gave them a safe opportunity to feed. And boy, did they ever, I have so many photos of ‘nothing’ because they were diving so fast. I was able to take some photos from inside my car that I had maneuvered best I could along the bulkhead because the cold started to get the best of me. lol

    • Thanks Max! There were probably 5-6 times the amount of ducks I showed in one photo, with a few continuously dropping in every so often. I love watching them come sliding in on top of the water, some can create a really big ‘wake’ for such a little duck! I got lucky on the Redhead. 🙂

  2. Say, when you take photos, you take them in LARGE numbers! How much fun you must have had!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. And for sharing the fun! Don’t think I have ever taken that many photos at one time but boy, do I understand it happening. hugs

  3. You are just totally amazing! I enjoy your photos and everything you say about them! What a great education you give to all of us!! We have some of those ducks in South Carolina and now I know their names!

  4. Great shots!! Fun to check out – feels like I was there!
    Looks like you have a female bufflehead in one of your photos, and I don’t see any ruddy’s but I may not have had my coffee yet… 🙂

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