Canvasbacks At Kent Narrows

To continue from my last post about all those ducks feeding around the KIYC Marina piers and bulkhead at Kent Narrows, I scored many great shots of the Canvasbacks, who outnumbered the rest of the ducks.  On occasion, the sun would peak out.

It was difficult to select just a couple, soooooo…..

Male Canvasback

Male Canvasback

Female Canvasback

Female Canvasback


_DSC0307-1 22515

_DSC0833-1 22515

_DSC0411-1 22515

_DSC0368-1 22515

A couple Canvasback dives!


Now you see me……

_DSC0424-1 22515

And now I am outta here!

_DSC0425-1 22515

_DSC0747-1 22515

_DSC0748-1 22515

_DSC0749-1 22515They were fast at diving, that’s for sure.

_DSC0769-1 22515

_DSC0817-2 22515


This fella had a notion it was nicer to pose on a sheet of ice.

The next photo is my favorite in this series.

See ya!

See ya!

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