Osprey Sighting at Grasonville/Kent Narrows!

WOOHOO!  Let the trumpets sound!  It is official!!  🙂

For the last week, I have had my eye to the sky and at least a dozen Osprey nesting locations in my local area, searching for a first sighting on the return of our Osprey.  This overcast, rainy afternoon it became official.  I captured an Osprey on his highway sign on Rt. 50/301 through the Grasonville/Kent Narrows, Maryland.  This is one of three active nests along this corridor area.


Male Osprey returning 3/10/15

_DSC0499-2 31015

This next photo shows a full view of the highway with his nest, quite a bit still intact from the harsh winter.


Finally home and now waiting for his mate to return to begin renovating their home for breeding.

Normally, we see our area Osprey returning March 12-15th.  This specific male Osprey has repeatedly returned a bit early year after year to secure and protect his nest until his mate returns.  I missed documenting last year’s arrival, but he returned in 2013 on March 5th.

Welcome back, Mr. Osprey!  🙂

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