Tundra Swans Down on the Farm

This post was intended to follow the Snow Geese post as my second unexpected photo op on Saturday.  Sorry, had to slide in a “WOOHOO post” for the return of our Osprey!  🙂

So heading home Saturday afternoon, I was hoping to see Snow Geese again somewhere along the way across the Eastern Shore Maryland farmlands.  Just west of Barclay on the corner of Rt 302 and Big Wood Road , I did catch a glimpse of white on white.  Snow Geese?  No….but it was a small flock of Tundra Swan!  They were resting and feeding in the middle of a farm field, which is not something we see often, as the Tundra Swan are usually seen on the water.

Here’s a few captures from my seven-minute photo op….

_DSC0119-1 3715

_DSC0126-1 3715

_DSC0132-1 3715

_DSC0133-1 3715

_DSC0139-1 3715

_DSC0156-1 3715

_DSC0158-1 3715

_DSC0160-1 37158

_DSC0163-1 3715

A group of Tundra Swan having a little ruckus

A few more would just drop on in, it was great even at a distance.  It’s time for the Tundra Swan to be making their migration back north so I was happy to see this before their season here ends.

21 thoughts on “Tundra Swans Down on the Farm

    • Even at the distance I was, I could still hear them. I would LOVE to sight/hear trumpeters, we have been known to have a pair migrate in years’ past into our Marshy Creek, but if they’re still coming, they are eluding me. lol

  1. What a spectacular sight! Amazing to see them in flight, really graceful creatures. Their whiteness is brilliant, excellent captures as ever 😀 xx

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