December Sunrises Over Marshy Creek

“Every sunset gives us one day less to LIVE
BUT every sunrise gives us one day more to HOPE.”
– Ritu Ghatourey

“With each sunrise, we start anew.”
– Author Unknown

From my third floor balcony, I am lucky to see vast sunrises across Marshy Creek and vast sunsets across the south-end of the Kent Narrows Channel and Kent Island.

Clouds in winter months provide the most dramatic and breathtaking during our cold temps and low humidity, and the sun’s shift in the sky gives me the opportunity to capture them without a structure in the foreground.  The reflections they create practically blow me away….

If you like sunrises, here’s six captures of mine from last month…..we had, unfortunately, many days of overcast, rain, and fog.  And, most important, you gotta be up in time to see them!  I’m working on that….

You will see our community Osprey nest platform in the right bottom corner that I photograph birds perched on my blog.    🙂

DSC_5981-1 121315

DSC_5960-1 121215

DSC_6263-1 123015

DSC_5931-1 12715

DSC_5870-1 12215

The next sunrise deserved to have two photos….

DSC_5970-1 121315

Three minutes later…..

DSC_5972-1 121315

Celebrate the sunrise
Toast the sunset
Enjoy everything in between!
– Author Unknown

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