Canada Geese

Canada Geese have been slowly arriving to our area for a couple months now.  They frequently spend evenings up in Marshy Creek, feeding and sleeping overnight.

On occasion they will come up close around our Osprey nest platform and spend the night, which I love!  I captured this flock coming in for an evening of rest.

_DSC0013-2 11-30-15

_DSC0016-1 113015

At dusk, the early risers will honk, feed, and preen while on alert until they are all awake and ready to take flight in unison for their day’s journey.

_DSC0078-2 1516

_DSC0371-1 12615

_DSC0380-1 12615

Always working on my flight photos, here’s a few taken as these Canada Geese do a fly-by of my balcony.

_DSC0037-2 111115

_DSC0190-2 1516

_DSC0193-1 1-5-16

_DSC0242-3 122815

_DSC0329-2 12615

I captured this next Canada Goose at our marina dock, who was down low feeding off the bulkhead.  I didn’t know he was there and almost fell backwards when he popped up!

He didn’t move, just locked that one eye on me.  I stood still, thinking this fella is going to come up and out of the water and attack me, lol.

We both continued to stare without moving.  So I told him, “Look, if it’s okay, I’m going to take your photo and then I will leave you be…..” 

I think he gave me a slight nod of approval!  <wink wink>

I took a quick photo and then hurriedly walked away.  I looked back and he was still watching me….

_DSC0218-1 111515

He then went back to feeding; as I walked away, trying to slow down my heartbeat and adrenaline!

I was very thankful I didn’t get goosed by this goose!






30 thoughts on “Canada Geese

    • “Honkers” befits them perfectly! We do have some small year-round flocks that have adapted to the heat of our summers. I’ve noticed though that there is usually injured in these flocks, and I think how nice their mate stays with them when the injured cannot migrate back up your way. That’s ‘honker’ love! 🙂

  1. Beautiful captures Donna. It reminds me of my time in London in July at Victoria Park where I saw Canada Geese. Thanks for sharing these beautiful flight pictures.

  2. Amazing photographs dear Donna, I can almost feel hot excited to be there… You did great. And I am also glad the didn’t attack you:) Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

  3. he he he! My English language makes me laugh… My mind thinks something but my hand writes something different… sorry dear, it should be “I can almost feel how excited to be there”…. I laugh still to myself… Love, nia

    • I know there are many that absolutely despise them due to their abundance and the damage they do on land. There is a local company that will send their ‘goose control’ dogs to a sensitive area to try to ward off a flock of geese to not return. Not sure if it really works but I imagine it’s not cheap!

  4. Very nice flight shots! I love the geese and fortunately there are quite a few that winter here so I get to see them all year. Beautiful birds!

    • They are becoming so adapted to areas that many are not migrating any more. Good thing, can you imagine ALL the geese migrating to one spot in the winter! That’s a lot of goose poop! lol 🙂

  5. Heehee! I can imagine what a shock it was for this serious but beautiful head to pop up! You did good and were polite as was he. Love this! hugs

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