“When a Cardinal appears, an angel is near…”

The Northern Cardinal has long been one of my favorite birds.  Red is my favorite color and so was fitting to fave this beautiful red bird!  When I get a chance to photograph one, it usually creates a red blur in my image; they are so quick.  I recently got lucky, I spotted this male a few weeks ago…..you can tell he spotted me too, a bit sternly.

_DSC0107-1 121115

And as usual, he quickly went to take flight, but instead of heading out of sight, this beautiful male dropped down to the grass and offered me a couple of gorgeous profile captures.

_DSC0115-3 121115

_DSC0122-2 121115

“When a Cardinal appears, an angel is near….”

Shortly after Mom’s passing just over a year ago, my daughter told me that someone had said to her, “when a Cardinal appears, an angel is near”.  I had never heard this before!  I thought it was neat and a feel-good gesture to comfort the heart.  But although a long-time favorite of mine, I didn’t usually see many Cardinals…..

The next day I saw a male Cardinal.  I had a warm feeling come over me, and I instantly thought of Mom, felt her love.  A few days later, another Cardinal in the form of a craft bird maybe you’d put on a wreath that I found in Mom’s craft room.  Not real, but I did say, “Hey Mom!” and felt upbeat as I continued to go through her things, sorting.  Would you believe that lone Cardinal craft bird continued to pop up on me a few more times over the next few weeks, when I thought I had packed him away in one of the many boxes!  It was always so nice to find him again.  I would laugh, knowing Mom was laughing with me.  If I doubted before, I now had no doubt Mom was there with me.  Oh and by the way, Mom loved creating angels of all kinds, she was quite artistic.

I now see more Cardinals than I use to, and they let me know Mom is near with her beautiful angel wings.

So back to my Cardinal photos, maybe Mom scolded him for giving me such a stern look in that first photo, so he provided me the two nice profiles.  😉   Just a thought!

What an awesome feeling of comfort and joy I receive each time I see a Cardinal.   ❤

Thank you for letting me share!

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