An Eagle Fly-By

Hanging out yesterday mid-morning on my 3rd floor balcony, enjoying the unseasonably warm temps while looking for birds, I spotted an American Bald Eagle in the distance off to my right, crossing the sky….heading right towards me.

Is he going to do a fly-by or veer off and away from me?  My adrenaline began to pump wildly as I tried to steady my camera and lock on him.

It was a fly-by!  The Eagle passed right in front of me and then veered off and over Marshy Creek to the tree where the Eagle’s mate was perched.

_DSC0044-3 11016

_DSC0045-2 11016

_DSC0046-3 11016

_DSC0048-1 11016

It was a breathtaking moment for me, and I’ve been eager to get these photos to my blog to show off since.

I hope you enjoyed the fly-by as well!


45 thoughts on “An Eagle Fly-By

    • I love that you see it as a gift too! I am always so thankful for getting a chance to capture a bird’s close-up; when done, they always get a spoken ‘thank you’ from me. 🙂

  1. Such a huge difference of subjects between you and me! I take photos of tiny birds, and you have these huge opportunities like eagles, ospreys, herons, swans, etc.
    Beautiful photos and unforgettable moment.

    • So true and isn’t that wonderful! We share and see what others see and share, it is most enjoyable. I do love going on nature walks & capturing smaller birds, which are so much harder to see & photograph! You do a fabulous job on the small ones, Cornel. 🙂

  2. I think that God often sends sweet things to us that might only matter to our own hearts, like sending this eagle your way. May I just say that these pictures are absolutely stunning! I think my own adrenaline would have been through the roof!

    • I believe that too, Kathy. 🙂 I shouted inside to my husband an eagle was coming & he got to see the eagle go by, I think he was almost as excited as I was! hee hee He said, I hope you got that! I was like, ME TOO! 😉

  3. Hi Donna… Always a thrill when bald eagles decide to cooperate for us nature photographers! 😉
    Several bald eagles are apparently still hanging out at Wilde lake, here in Columbia. May go to the lake again on Thursday and will post more shots on my home page… that is… if they are kind enough to cooperate for me! 🙂

  4. So, the secret to getting excellent photos of an eagle in flight is to hang out on your balcony? All kidding aside, these are some of the best images of an eagle that I have ever seen!

    • You think?! 😉 Although I do get the fresh air, my balcony-shooting is not a good-exercise regiment… I’d rather get out & walk with nature like you do, it’s much better for the heart & soul. But I cannot complain too much with my balcony-shooting ops, I do love what it offers! 🙂

  5. Those are great photos! This morning when I went out a BE was talking to me. He was at the very top of a tall pine in my yard and gave me a great display of wings and feathers as he launched off.

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