An Eagle Fly-By

Hanging out yesterday mid-morning on my 3rd floor balcony, enjoying the unseasonably warm temps while looking for birds, I spotted an American Bald Eagle in the distance off to my right, crossing the sky….heading right towards me.

Is he going to do a fly-by or veer off and away from me?  My adrenaline began to pump wildly as I tried to steady my camera and lock on him.

It was a fly-by!  The Eagle passed right in front of me and then veered off and over Marshy Creek to the tree where the Eagle’s mate was perched.

_DSC0044-3 11016

_DSC0045-2 11016

_DSC0046-3 11016

_DSC0048-1 11016

It was a breathtaking moment for me, and I’ve been eager to get these photos to my blog to show off since.

I hope you enjoyed the fly-by as well!


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