An Eagle’s Goodbye

Going to confess, we ‘got outta Dodge’ before the last snow storm hit the mid-Atlantic region last couple days.  We are now camping in Florida, and immediately the first day here I’ve had a grand time photographing some ‘newbies’ for my bird life list.  PLUS, it’s 25-30 degrees warmer than the Chesapeake Bay area which sure feels good!!

But first, I gotta do this last ‘home’ post before I start showing my Florida birds.

Taking the next-to-last load of bags to our truck, I heard an Eagle calling and looked up to see an adult Eagle pass overhead.  Always makes me smile when I see and hear one, ditto this time.  Oh boy, am I going to miss my local bird activity while I’m gone, I was thinking.

We went back up to get the final bags (‘final’ bags always include my camera bags, just in case, you know?) and prepare to lock up.  I took a quick glance out my balcony window as I started closing my verticals; and, lo and behold, that Eagle was landing on our Osprey  platform.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all season!  Every year I get at least a few different days of one or both of them on the platform and so far this season, nothing while I’ve been around.

I quickly grabbed my camera.  (Remember, final bags….this time it paid off!)   Whew, if we had left 10 minutes sooner, I would have missed this opportunity!

It was sun & clouds, I had to make sure I got at least a few shots when the sun peeked out.  And so, yes, the Eagle kept us from leaving for another 20 minutes.  It was worth it!

_DSC0185-1 13116

_DSC0134-1 13116

_DSC0150-1 13116

_DSC0199-1 13116

He kept looking down, probably seeing small fish around the pole….not worth his time, ha!

_DSC0253-1 13116

A feather shake-down!

_DSC0308-1 13116

Chatting with the mate over on CBEC’s tree across Marshy Creek.

_DSC0145-1 13116

A “Goodbye Eagle-Eye” to Donna

Yes, I did get a lot of direct stares as the last one.  I’m thinking, surely he was giving me his “goodbye eagle-eye” then!  At least it sounds good, huh?  hee hee

What a beautiful gift to receive before departing.  It felt like it was meant to be!


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