An Eagle’s Goodbye

Going to confess, we ‘got outta Dodge’ before the last snow storm hit the mid-Atlantic region last couple days.  We are now camping in Florida, and immediately the first day here I’ve had a grand time photographing some ‘newbies’ for my bird life list.  PLUS, it’s 25-30 degrees warmer than the Chesapeake Bay area which sure feels good!!

But first, I gotta do this last ‘home’ post before I start showing my Florida birds.

Taking the next-to-last load of bags to our truck, I heard an Eagle calling and looked up to see an adult Eagle pass overhead.  Always makes me smile when I see and hear one, ditto this time.  Oh boy, am I going to miss my local bird activity while I’m gone, I was thinking.

We went back up to get the final bags (‘final’ bags always include my camera bags, just in case, you know?) and prepare to lock up.  I took a quick glance out my balcony window as I started closing my verticals; and, lo and behold, that Eagle was landing on our Osprey  platform.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all season!  Every year I get at least a few different days of one or both of them on the platform and so far this season, nothing while I’ve been around.

I quickly grabbed my camera.  (Remember, final bags….this time it paid off!)   Whew, if we had left 10 minutes sooner, I would have missed this opportunity!

It was sun & clouds, I had to make sure I got at least a few shots when the sun peeked out.  And so, yes, the Eagle kept us from leaving for another 20 minutes.  It was worth it!

_DSC0185-1 13116

_DSC0134-1 13116

_DSC0150-1 13116

_DSC0199-1 13116

He kept looking down, probably seeing small fish around the pole….not worth his time, ha!

_DSC0253-1 13116

A feather shake-down!

_DSC0308-1 13116

Chatting with the mate over on CBEC’s tree across Marshy Creek.

_DSC0145-1 13116

A “Goodbye Eagle-Eye” to Donna

Yes, I did get a lot of direct stares as the last one.  I’m thinking, surely he was giving me his “goodbye eagle-eye” then!  At least it sounds good, huh?  hee hee

What a beautiful gift to receive before departing.  It felt like it was meant to be!


29 thoughts on “An Eagle’s Goodbye

    • Glad you feel that way too, thanks Jerry! I’m going wild with the birds in Florida, the weather is so much better here. Home got couple inches of snow couple days ago and possibly 2-3 inches on Monday. No big deal but nice to not have to deal with it, lol. 🙂

  1. Know that was special and what is a late start anyway? Have a great time in warmer weather and show us lots of new to you things! hugs

  2. It must be amazing to have these eagles close to your home, even if this happens from time to time. I see here almost all the time hawks and kestrels.

    • I get excited as if it were the first time! We have a lot of hawks, but boy, they are so hard to capture, because they are so flighty. But I keep trying! Kestrels are beautiful too!

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