Loggerhead Shrike

Homeport is the Chesapeake Bay area, but we hightailed it out of there to get away from the cold and snow and are now presently camping in sunny, warm Florida.  So starting with this post and ongoing until I return home in couple weeks, I’ll share what I’m capturing in Florida.

After finally arriving and setting up camp, we decided to take a quick run around the grounds before crashing from the long drive.  And, of course, I took my camera!

Immediately, I saw a bird I thought might be a Shrike but wasn’t positive.  A few posts back on my  Snowy Owl photo share, while happily shooting the owl, a group of birders got a ‘rare-bird alert’ that a Shrike was near by and off they went!  Did I want to go, they asked?  I was so engrossed with the Snowy Owl, I didn’t care about the Shrike and politely declined.

Well, now I do, now that there’s no Snowy Owl.  🙂  I’m aware of two species of Shrikes, the Loggerhead and the Northern.

This is the Loggerhead Shrike, and he is a newbie for my bird lifer list.  He has a much heavier black mask than the Northern Shrike and a white patch on his wing that the Northern does not have.

_DSC0048-1 2216

The next day I spotted ‘him’ again.  Then another one and then two.  I now know there are several here in and around a group of trees and small lake, not just ‘him’.  Funny, I thought ‘he’ was gettin’ around pretty good for me seeing him so much.

I luckily got a chance to photograph the following Loggerhead Shrike who didn’t seem to mind.  Oh, you can bet he kept his eye on me though.  After a half-dozen shots, I’d slowly move a few steps closer, then do another half-dozen.  He continued to pose and I continued to slowly move several steps closer.  I was able to get with 10-12 feet of him, filling my frame.

It was exciting and so are my results!   I have so many great shots, but will spare you with just a couple.

_DSC0080-2 21116

_DSC0143-1 21116

What a beauty!  I whispered my “Thank You” to him and walked away.  I’m guessing I’ll continue to see this group of Loggerhead Shrikes while I’m here, what fun!  Now the challenge is on to capture one in flight.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


20 thoughts on “Loggerhead Shrike

    • He really excited me as you can see, lol. I went hunting for birds and gators today…..I had to text my daughter (who’s in Delaware and called me while I was trekking & told her I’d already seen 20+ gators laying 6-8 ft from the walking path) to let her know a gator didn’t get me, lol. She thought I was crazy! Know for sure, I was safe!

    • Thanks so much, love hearing others getting thrills with new lifers too, I have family and friends who think I’m a little ‘cuckoo’! 😉 Can’t wait to see and read about yours!

    • I’m finding them everywhere now, lol. I went on a hiking trail yesterday and one of the first birds I saw was another Shrike. I haven’t seen these at home and now know why the pro-birders got so excited. 🙂

    • Thanks! I was running through more of my shrike shots and found one holding a lizard in his mouth, I was shocked and excited, although he was so far I couldn’t crop very well. He’ll be in my next post!

  1. Superb shots Donna, in the Uk the Great Grey Shrike (your northern) is a very scarce winter visitor, when one turns up nearby I like to go and see it. We used to have the red Backed Shrike as a breeding species but these only now appear on spring/autumn passage, with global warming they may return to breed. Brian.

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