Florida Birds in my ‘Backyard’

It is amazing that I don’t have to go far at all to find lots of birds, there’s so many right here in my home-away-from-home ‘camping backyard’ at Silver Palms RV Resort in Okeechobee.  With five small lakes stocked with fish and a 16-acre protected wetland preserve right on the property, I am free to roam and shoot to my heart’s content!

No newbies for my bird life list in this post, but some of these are the best photo ops I’ve gotten of some of these birds, so that in itself is exciting.

I’ll start with another photo of the Loggerhead Shrike who was the ‘star’ of my last post, this time he’s got dinner!

_DSC0206-1 21116.jpg

Loggerhead Shrike with a lizard for dinner

Lo and behold, I can see a cell phone tower high in the sky off the property and a pair of Osprey are building a nest.  For those of you who have followed me a long time, you know how much I love that!  As soon as we arrived and got out of our vehicle, I heard the female calling out.  What a welcome to Florida!

_DSC0359-1 2916

Cell tower with osprey nest started

_DSC0360-1 2916

Female Osprey (The Mrs.)

_DSC0348-1 2916.jpg

Male Osprey (The Mr.)


One of the lakes that is surrounded with open space (no campers!) appears to be the winter home for a small group of Lesser Scaup.  They apparently feel very safe, although once you start towards them, they go to the other side of the lake.

_DSC0065-1 2216

Lesser Scaup (males black & white, females brown)

_DSC0070-1 2216

Lesser Scaup

_DSC0331-1 2916

I’m beginning to think these Scaup are here on vacation for the fountain spa!  They love it!


Some of my other photo ops to date…..

_DSC0097-2 2416

Cattle Egret

_DSC0103-1 2416

Cattle Egret

_DSC0325-1 2416

Great Egret

_DSC0354-1 2416

Belted Kingfisher

_DSC0469-2 21116 (2)

Blue Jay

_DSC0135-1 2416

Blue Jay

_DSC0081-1 2216

Mourning Doves at sunset

_DSC0254-1 2416

Yellow-rumped Warbler, nicknamed “Butter Butt” for good reason!

What fun to be in a different environment of birds and land.  I’m filling cards and exhausting batteries.  That’s a good thing, right?!!  Problem becomes the reviewing and editing to share the best when all you want to do is keep shooting!

For tomorrow’s holiday, I did not luck out with a bird heart photo this year so I am going to share one of my best from the past.

_DSC0146-3 11612

Great Egret “Heart”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!


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