(Taylor Creek Storm Water Management Center – Part 3 of 5)

I was very excited to discover an Anhinga at Taylor Creek both days I visited and wanted to give this tropical-looking water bird it’s own series.   And it’s another lifer for me!

This Anhinga was sitting along a ditch that was full of green pollen.  You can see the Anhinga’s eyes are surrounded by a bright blue patch of skin which occurs during breeding season.

DSC_6815-1 21216.jpg

As soon as I took that shot above, the Anhinga slipped down the slope and I lost sight of him.  I stepped a little closer to see where he went, when he suddenly popped up in the water on the other side of the ditch.  With an afternoon snack!

DSC_6820-2 21216

DSC_6828-1 21216

DSC_6837-1 21216

The Anhinga held onto his meal and made his way to the embankment and climbed out.  The pollen in the water clung all over him.  And look at those big bright feet!

DSC_6853-1 61216

Of course, we all know what he proceeded to do!

DSC_6855-1 21216


DSC_6858-1 61216


DSC_6863-1 21216

And just like that, the fish was gone.

When I looped back around to head out, I found him over on a nice, grassy spot sunning.  All cleaned up and belly full!

_DSC0029-1 21216

I fell in love with the next pose and photo.

_DSC0028-1 21216

During my second visit at a different location within Taylor Creek, I found an Anhinga again.  What luck, I felt!

_DSC0564-1 21716

After politely enduring his photo op session with me, Mr. Anhinga turned to his waterside buddy, the Tricolored Heron, and said…..

_DSC0545-1 21716


“Pssssssst……I hear you and your species are the feature in the next post!”


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