Tricolored Herons

(Taylor Creek Storm Water Management Center – Part 4 of 5)

I had no idea I’d have to take several posts just to share the variety of birds I photographed at Taylor Creek for two days, so many ops provided several great series, and then add all the lifers.  What a gem of a place!  I am still trying to get over there one more time before we leave end of this week.  Rains are in the forecast, so we shall see.

We have Tricolored Herons around the Chesapeake Bay area but they have always eluded my lens.  Guess it was meant to be I’d get this lifer in Florida.  In abundance no less, this species was everywhere at Taylor Creek.

The Tricolored Herons were posing….

_DSC0126-1 21216

Doing a little fishing……

_DSC0109-1 21216

Snagging a snack…..

_DSC0123-1 21216

_DSC0124-1 21216

Flying here and there…..

_DSC0199-1 21216

More fishing……

_DSC0202-1 21216

_DSC0210-1 21216

Fluffing up the feathers….

_DSC0136-1 21216

_DSC0137-1 21216

_DSC0138-1 21216

_DSC0135-1 21216

Hiding in the reeds….

_DSC0375-1 21216

And just overall, being a beauty to behold.

_DSC0234-1 21216

_DSC0559-1 21716

If I hadn’t been successful in scoring any decent photos of the Tricolored Heron, it would definitely have been my fault with so many of them there being a cooperative subject!

I going to try my darnedest to wrap up Taylor Creek visits in one more post, because I am still taking photos daily within the RV resort and have files of photos busting at the seams to review, and I know many to share.

As always, thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!


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