Artistic Renditions of My Double-Crested Cormorant

I wanted to share in a separate post two beautiful artistic renditions of my Double-Crested Cormorant photo I blogged a few posts back on my Taylor Creek visit.

Here is my original photo, followed by a cropped version.

_DSC0314-1 21216

_DSC0314-2 21216

My dear blogger friend, Laura, at CreateArtEveryDay has taken on a 100 Face Challenge since the first of the year of drawing faces of people, animals, or birds.  She’s a fellow Maryland gal with a talent that is out of this world!  Laura’s so far ahead on her number of faces, I think she’s going to have to extend the number to draw, since it’s only February.  She’s definitely been on a roll!   Whatcha think, Laura??   😉

Here’s the first rendition, her #47 Face.

022116©Laura @

And here is the second, her #48 Face.

022216©Laura @

We all marvel at Laura’s renditions of eyes.  When photographing birds or animals, we know it’s the eye(s) we are trying to focus and capture.  Laura has the talent to create eyes on her subjects that are bold, bright, and focused, as well as showing character and personality of the subject.  Check out her blog and follow her 100 Face Challenge, you will enjoy the fun and drawings, I promise!

I am humbled and honored she’s chosen one of my bird photos to use as one of her Face Challenges, or in this case two!  Thank you, Laura, you are an inspiration to all.  ❤


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