Berry Good Days

Late afternoons, I tried to go to the tree line along the road that led to the back exit of the campground.  Within those trees, there were oodles and oodles of berries.  Of course, the birds along there knew that.

It was a lot of fun trying to capture those birds having one of those delicious berries in their beak!

_DSC0163-1 2416Northern Mockingbird


_DSC0340-2 21116Yellow-rumped Warbler


_DSC0200-3 2416Gray Catbird


_DSC0375-1 21816Yellow-rumped Warbler


_DSC0393-1 21116Yellow-rumped Warbler


_DSC0119-1 21816Yellow-rumped Warbler reaching….

_DSC0115-1 21816“Got it!”


_DSC0437-1 21116Gray Catbird

This was definitely challenging with all the leaves and branches; and, of course, the constantly moving birds so I was happy to get these few.  Berries add a nice touch to a bird’s portrait!


22 thoughts on “Berry Good Days

    • It was a berries party, and I got to participate! They were very entertaining, if I didn’t have so many other birds here in Florida, I’d have spent more time with at the berries party! Have a great weekend too, Nia. 💛

  1. Beautiful shots Donna, many of our catbird shots of our Australian catbirds have figs or berries in their mouth like yours. I love the way the catbirds stare at you, wondering what you will do.

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