Happy Leap Day

You know I love my birds, but today gives me the opportunity to share my campground critters.  The first photo is my leaper!

_DSC0419-2 21616

That is a bungee cord he’s sitting next to, he was tiny!


_DSC0240-1 2416

Of course, you can’t go anywhere in Florida without seeing a little lizard.


_DSC0063-1 2416

Another leaper…..or I guess more appropriately, hopper!


_DSC0075-1 22216

Why did the turtle cross the road?


_DSC0090-1 22216

To get to the other side!   🙂


_DSC0065-1 22216

That turtle really needed a washing!


I was told there had been sightings of a bobcat on the premises, but I didn’t see nor wished to tangle with one of them.

Happy Leap Day!






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