Happy Leap Day

You know I love my birds, but today gives me the opportunity to share my campground critters.  The first photo is my leaper!

_DSC0419-2 21616

That is a bungee cord he’s sitting next to, he was tiny!


_DSC0240-1 2416

Of course, you can’t go anywhere in Florida without seeing a little lizard.


_DSC0063-1 2416

Another leaper…..or I guess more appropriately, hopper!


_DSC0075-1 22216

Why did the turtle cross the road?


_DSC0090-1 22216

To get to the other side!   🙂


_DSC0065-1 22216

That turtle really needed a washing!


I was told there had been sightings of a bobcat on the premises, but I didn’t see nor wished to tangle with one of them.

Happy Leap Day!






27 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day

  1. Hi Donna! I really enjoyed seeing all of your posts in Florida! Same with here in Maryland too. 🙂 Just thought I’d let you know that the osprey is back!! I just had my first sighting of the year this morning on route 50 resting on the nest close to the new thrift store/motel. It’s the nest you took pictures of before in the past when you first saw the ospreys. How exciting! So hurry back home so they could have their wonderful pictures taken by you. 🙂

    • Tammy, I saw your comment shortly after you posted it and was elated to here the good news one of the Osprey is back at Rt 50 on Feb 29! This is earlier than any previous years where I recorded March 5th as the earliest. Great Opsrey eye, Tammy! Since your email, I’ve received QAC bird alerts and one was late yesterday and many today submitting this sighting. You did good, you were first! 🙂

  2. The leapers (and hoppers) are all cute! The turtle doesn’t need washing, that’s the way that they blend into their surroundings and remain hidden. It’s too bad that you have to leave Florida, you’ve been getting truly great photos there.

    • Thanks Jerry, it’s been a lot of fun! It sure is the time of year to come for birding in Florida.

      We’ve had to leave this bird paradise & start heading home, and I’m still going through a ton of photos. It has been bird overload!

  3. Great choices for the bonus day! We used to have cougar sightings at the old house, but I never got to see one. I always wanted to, but at a goodly distance. 🙂

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