Two of a Kind

There are actually three kinds of Ibis in the United States; but only two are found in Florida, the White Ibis and the Glossy Ibis.  The third is the White-faced Ibis which is the western U.S. replacement for the Glossy Ibis.

The White Ibis was fairly common and in abundance around our stay in Okeechobee, and I’ve already shared a few photos of them.  We actually had one foraging in the empty campsite just behind ours.  He gave me a fine pose!

_DSC0346-1 22216

White Ibis


You really could find the White Ibis just about anywhere.  I came out of the grocery store and whipped out my cell phone for this next ‘poor’ shot.

IMG_20160225_155548651-1 22516

White Ibis in strip mall parking lot


It was also common to see flocks of White Ibis.

_DSC0008-1 21716

White Ibis


I liked the little fella in the next shot soaring with the White Ibis!

_DSC0345-1 2916

White Ibis and bird friend


Out for a drive around one of Lake Okeechobee’s boat ramps, there was a large flock of White Ibis foraging in the grassy sand areas.  There were quite a few juveniles in this group.  The juveniles are not born white but eventually turn all white with black wing-tips when they reach adulthood.

[000671]-1 21516

Juvenile White Ibis


While watching and taking photos of them, I sighted one with a snake or marine worm.  The snake/worm was still alive and squirming while the Juvenile White Ibis tried to figure out what to do with this fiesty snack.

[000627]-1 21516

Juvenile White Ibis

The snake/worm decided to take a chance and go for the juvenile’s face.

[000637]-1 21516

Juvenile White Ibis

The snake/worm’s head literally went to the juvenile’s beak and hit it. What a pretty strong snake/worm!

[000641]-1 21516

Juvenile White Ibis


My final shot of the series shows the juvenile had quickly dropped the snake/worm and was giving it a once-over.  We never did see him pick it back up, he just kept looking at it and pondering.

[000643]-1 21516

Juvenile White Ibis


The second Ibis was a new lifer for me, and I had quickly mentioned it in my Roseate Spoonbill post where a Glossy Ibis was in the background of a few of my Spoonbill captures.  At such a distance, I never got lucky on a full profile of one, just heads and tails.

Lo and behold, it was in the campground in the Preserve area where I saw a small flock fly in to feed a late afternoon and luckily several more late afternoons.  With their darkness and desire to stay hidden, I wasn’t so lucky in getting many shots while they were on the ground at their distance, but I did have fun with the challenge of their flight.

_DSC0033-1 21416

Glossy Ibis


_DSC0048-1 21416

Male Glossy Ibis in breeding plumage



_DSC0051-1 21716

Glossy Ibis in flight at sunset


_DSC0068-1 2416

Glossy Ibis on a cloudy late afternoon


_DSC0213-1 21816

Glossy Ibis


_DSC0226-1 21816

Glossy Ibis


What luck I felt to get both the White Ibis and Glossy Ibis while in Florida, with one being a new lifer!





33 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. Both would be lifers for me! We have the White faced which I don’t get cause it’s pink or red…perhaps because I only see it in winter. What a lovely silhouette flight shot! I would love to see Ibis in my markets parking lot!

  2. Excellent photos of two species that I’ve never seen in person! I really liked the series of photos of the juvenile with what ever it was, I’ll bet that in a year or two, the bird would have no problem deciding what to do with it.

  3. Beautiful Glossy shots Donna. We had a Glossy breed hidden away in Sydney at Olympic Park which we found and not many knew about, it was a lifer, and we have not seen another since. It ended up in my book. We have similar problems with our Aussie White Ibis to your White Ibis, they have become city birds and raid garbage bins and rubbish dumps etc. Sydney has too many now, it has been an interesting study for scientists, as to why they have increased their Sydney habitation. Have a great weekend:-)

    • I love to hear your cool finds like your Glossy, Ashley! Fun is a big part of birding. I was definitely surprised with the White Ibis in the parking lot. I think surrounding people thought I had lost my mind. The locals take all their beautiful Florida birds for granted I’m sure. Me, I don’t care what they think, lol. Have a great weekend also! 🙂

    • Thanks Sylvia! I didn’t even know a glossy ibis existed until I saw it in my Spoonbill photos and ID’d. So you can imagine how super-happy I was to have them at the campground! 🙂

  4. Wonderful shots. Especially loved seeing all the colors in the breeding plumage. What a beauty. Enough to turn any females heart aflutter.

    • That is so cool! I would have loved to have seen that. I was really amazed to see them and a lot of other birds in areas that would not be the norm for our birds. All we ever have around our parking lots are gulls and mallards. 🙂 And that’s where I’ve gotten some of my nicest mallard close-ups!

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