Two Birds Uniquely Beautiful

There’s probably not too many birders or photographers who get excited when they see these two birds.  They aren’t graced with a beautiful face nor with bright colors as many other birds.  But they really are uniquely beautiful and interesting, and in abundance in Florida.

The first is the Black Vulture.  A common bird throughout the United States and a janitor to our earth.  Most everyone has seen them soaring gracefully across the sky as well as seeing them alongside the road, cleaning up a mess.

Okeechobee, Florida, was highly populated with Black Vultures.  They were seen often in the sky and could also be found at boat ramp areas usually in tight groups.

[000615]-1 21516

Black Vulture


[000683]-1 21516

Black Vultures sittin’ with the daisies

[000707]-1 21516

Black Vultures, along with at least one Turkey Vulture (red face), and Great Blue Heron


I also found Black Vultures hanging together with a flock of Wood Storks at the top of the dyke along Lake Okeechobee.  I thought this was an interesting grouping.  So much so, it became a blog post!


Black Vultures and Wood Storks hanging out together

A few more Wood Storks came in for a landing to the group.

[000467]-1 21516

Wood Stork coming in for a landing


A Great Blue Heron was also watching the commotion of the landings.

[000468]-1 21516

More landing while a Great Blue Heron looks on


Right place, right time.  My hubby shouted there were several more Wood Storks coming right at me.

[000501]-1 21516

[000503]-1 21516

[000505]-1 21516

It was awesome to see them falling from the sky, landing practically on top of each other!

The Wood Storks were also frequent visitors to the campground, so photo ops were available often.  Some of my favorite poses…..

[000713]-1 21516

Wood Stork


_DSC0005-1 22116

Wood Stork


_DSC0016-1 21416

Wood Stork on a light pole


_DSC0047-1 22116

Wood Stork


_DSC0150-1 2716

Wood Stork


Both the Black Vulture and Wood Stork are two beauties in their own right.  I see and photograph Vultures (both Black and Turkey) at home, but I am happy that I got so many photo opportunities with the Wood Storks.


30 thoughts on “Two Birds Uniquely Beautiful

  1. Both these would be lifers for me. This last image of the Wood Stork is lovely! Great warm light, pose, and lovely little highlight in the eye.

    We have Turkey Vultures here in droves, but they have red faces.

  2. Wonderful photos, Donna. I would love to see so many wood storks all together. Their faces are quite incredible aren’t they? The GBH looks quite calm about the invasion. 😃

    • That was the only time I saw such a large group of storks, so you can imagine how excited I was. I wish it hadn’t been a cloudy day! Their faces are incredible, I love the detail they have. Thanks so much, Sylvia! 🙂

  3. Beautiful captures, all of them! And I agree with you, both these birds have their own kind of charm. I think the Black Vultures have expressive faces 😊

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  5. Great photos of great birds! Black Vultures are mostly in the southeast of the US, but have slowly been working their way into more northern regions of the country due to climate change.

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