Soaring Eagles

After returning from Florida, I was delighted to capture more of our Eagles soaring past my third floor balcony.

_DSC0014-1 31916

Adult American Bald Eagle


_DSC0039-1 31716

Juvenile American Bald Eagle


_DSC0045-1 31716

Juvenile American Bald Eagle

This next photo was taken around sunset where an Eagle caused a flight-frenzy with some of the ducks as he flew in and landed on Lippincott’s Channel Marker in Marshy Creek.

_DSC0087-1 32016.jpg

I was thrilled with the next series of shots, me capturing an Eagle capturing a fish.

_DSC0050-1 32416

_DSC0051-1 32416

_DSC0052-1 32416

_DSC0054-1 32416

I took the next and last series from my balcony on the parking lot side of our building of an Eagle approaching to fly between ours and another building.

Because I was able to stay locked on him, you’ll see him in focus in the third photo as he flew behind the tree branches.  I thought this was pretty cool!

_DSC0031-1 32416

_DSC0032-1 32416

_DSC0033-1 32416

Would you believe I then hurriedly walked…..ok, I admit, I ran through my home to the waterside hoping to capture him as he flew through?  This next photo proves the Eagle can fly faster than I can run, he was gone!

_DSC0035-1 32416.jpg

Eagles soar because they always focus on their goal.

Dare to soar this week, my friend!


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