Brown Pelicans

From the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and all coastal points south all the way to Florida, you can usually sight one or more Brown Pelicans in flight or diving in the water for food.  Visit boat ramp or fishing pier areas and photo opportunities can increase considerably.   This was such the case during my recent trip to Florida.

At one end of the area at a boat ramp, a fisherman was cleaning his fish while a group of adult Brown Pelicans patiently waited on the rocks and in the water.

_DSC0075-1 22016

_DSC0105-1 22016

There were a few juveniles but they were further away in the water, watching but not participating.

_DSC0101-1 22016

Every so often, the fisherman would toss a handful of fish scraps to the adults, causing a beak frenzy!

_DSC0077-1 22016

_DSC0085-1 22016

_DSC0090-1 22016

I was relieved the fisherman finished rather quickly.  It looked like one pelican could puncture another’s pouch so easily!

Down at the other end of the park area, there was a fishing pier and a couple blocks of concrete in the water beside it where I found Brown Pelicans perched.  These guys made it too easy to get some great shots.  🙂

_DSC0147-1 22016

_DSC0156-1 22016

_DSC0176-1 22016

I even got lucky to have one fly in for a landing to join another one.  That’s a seven foot wingspan!

_DSC0215-1 22016

Side by side now!

_DSC0224-1 22016

After these shots, I started back up to the truck and had to walk past this fella again and quickly snapped this head-on shot.

_DSC0231-1 22016

As docile as Brown Pelicans are, they do offer wonderful portrait poses with those long grinning beaks.  Makes you wonder just what are they thinking.

For today, be a pelican…..not a pelican’t!



32 thoughts on “Brown Pelicans

  1. WOW! First of all I want to say, they all seemed to me as beautiful as cats… They are as you mentioned, so lovely and docile for photography… Fascinated me. You really did great photographs with them. Especially these beak traffic 🙂 made me smile and what reminded me, you know “hands of brotherhood”, it was something like that, beak of brotherhood… so beautiful dear Donna, and again, especially the sitting one… yes, almost they are like my cats 🙂 Thank you dear, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • Thanks for your comments, Nia, when I was reviewing my photos later with the beak frenzy, I thought also about how it looked like hands put in together like the ‘hands of brotherhood’. 🙂 And, yes, they resemble your docile cats, so calm, so quiet, letting you take as many photos as you want, all while keeping their eye on you. 🙂 Have a happy day, Nia! ❤

  2. Very nice post. Pelicans are a favorite of mine and you got some good shots. But your best shot was the pun at the end – I see what you did there! Today I will be a pelican! hugs

  3. A marvelous collection of fantastic photos celebrating the brown pelican, Donna. This was a species that nearly went extinct, oh so lucky we are that it didn’t.

    • Thanks, Jet! You’re right, we are so lucky to still have them. They were only seen sporadically around us on the Chesapeake Bay a few years ago, today they are colonizing on small uninhabited islands in the mid to lower Bay. I love going south on the east coast and seeing them in large numbers. 🙂

    • They do have so much character, I was excited to find them. They are such cordial ops. Very few migrate up to the middle of the Chesapeake Bay area during the summer and my photos of them are so far up in the sky. 🙂

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