I’ve Got the Blues

Camping in the woods of a no-frills campground in Delaware, we are definitely living ‘with nature’.  It’s so quiet and serene.  Wildlife abounds if you just sit and watch.  I’m enjoying every moment when I can and the weather cooperates.

I have never been anywhere where there are so many Blue Jays!  About a dozen or more busily living around us.  We’re among oak trees, and I’ve learned that acorns are one of the their favorite foods.  So there’s one answer why so many.  I’ve also located five of their nests actively being built.

So no doubt, the Blue Jays have provided many photo ops.  They certainly don’t sit for very long, so it’s been fun trying to capture their eye and be in focus.

_DSC0378-1 42416.jpg


_DSC0074-1 41316


The pigment in the Blue Jay feathers is melanin, which is brown. The blue color is caused by light scattering through their modified cells on the surface of the Blue Jay’s feather barbs.  Interesting!


_DSC0157-1 42316

_DSC0192-1 42416

_DSC0079-1 42316

_DSC0230-1 42416


Flight shots have been challenging for sure….

_DSC0225-1 41716

_DSC0345-1 31715

Now that was a mouthful!


I think this last one is saying, “okay you’ve shared enough, girl”, so I’ll end with that thought….


_DSC0337-1 42416


Sometimes it’s a joy to have the Blues!




45 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Blues

    • Thanks so much, Steve! I was shocked I captured that Jay, they are so fast-moving. And thank you for the links you emailed me for the West. I’m excited to try them out while traveling! 🙂

  1. Oh my, it sure is! That last one with the tilt of its head and glint in its eye is amazing!

    Your Blue Jays look different than ours. I love that striped tail and gingham like pattern in the wings!

    Your campsite sounds wonderful to me!

  2. Beautiful blue jays in eastern U.S states. The blue jays in the western states are called Stellar Jays but while out camping we call them “camp robbers.” They will rob all the food items off your table as soon as your back is turned. I’ve watch a stellar jay enter the back of a camper’s SUV coming out with a good snack. The bird is covered with beautiful blue feathers with a noisy loud crackle cry. Thanks for sharing your camping story with the eastern blue jay

  3. Donna, you have highlighted the Blue Jay so beautifully. It is one of my favorite American birds, Thanks for sharing. Yes, the sitting and waiting principle is the best birding tip.:-)

    • Thanks so much, Ashley! After years of 50-60+ hours a week working, I certainly do enjoy just sitting and waiting for a bird, they’ve taught me excellent patience! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Kathy! You really do get such awesome Blue Jay captures, I hoped I could do half as well. They certainly don’t want to sit still very long. Boy oh boy, we’re definitely ready to roll these wheels and get moving, can’t wait!

  4. Beautiful photos – and backdrops! Nothing like a natural setting to show off the beauty of the birds. We seem to have more than the normal amount right now. I have seen them digging into the cocoons that the tent caterpillars have woven (and it seems to be a disgustingly banner year for tent caterpillars as well). I wish they’d eat all the tent caterpillars they can find!

    • Thanks so much, Susan! I loved when the Jays landed on the rusty fire rings, giving that rustic look. 🙂 I too hope they eat all the tent caterpillars, we have many of those here also. Ah-ha! I’ll have to watch the cocoons to see if that’s where they’re hiding when I’ve lost a sighting on one. 🙂

  5. So many lovely shots, Donna! These are not easy birds to capture on camera. LOVE the flying shot! It’s wonderful that you are surrounded by wildlife where you are right now.

  6. Great blue jay photos, Donna. We don’t have blue jays in northern Calif., though we have scrubjays and steller’s, also a treat. But I miss seeing the blue jays of the eastern U.S., and your photos here were a joy.

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