In My Face!

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and glanced out my RV window.  On the oak tree 10 feet away at my eye level was a female Pileated Woodpecker busily foraging the bark for ants.

Even in our tight RV quarters, my cameras are always within reach.

I was able to fire off five photos that filled my frame through the window before she quickly moved on.  Only one is decent, but to date it’s my best capture of the Pileated Woodpecker.  The other four became blurs of moving and jumping.  And that is okay, I am happy with this shot!

_DSC0043-1 42316

I couldn’t have had her in my face any closer!

Did you know that this is the woodpecker that the cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker, was created by Walter Lantz in 1940?   🙂

woody woodpecker

 Have one of those silly, crazy, Woody Woodpecker kind of days!

Wha ha hahaha! Wha ha hahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!


31 thoughts on “In My Face!

  1. Donna, that is a great shot from shooting out the window of your RV. I remember watching those Woody Woodpecker cartoons in the early 50s.

  2. Fun post and truly excellent photo, Donna. America’s largest woodpecker, such a wonderful treat to see and hear. Your Woody Woodpecker song at the end was well done, I followed it easily from my memories of the cartoon.

  3. Oh what a gift! I’ve never seen one. The eye is really clear so I’d be happy too!

    Woody Woodpecker is among my favorite cartoons. I’m letting #1 Grandson watch some of these oldies. I like them so much better than most of the new stuff that’s on.

    “Ha ha ha HA ha, ha ha ha HA ha, ha ha ha HA ha, hehehehehehehe!””

    • Thanks so much, Deborah! I was watching Tom & Jerry recently with my #1 grandson and loved it. And so didn’t he! The oldies are so much better. We also watched the ‘new’ Alvin & the Chipmunks. Just wasn’t the same as the original chipmunks…. 😦

      hehehehehehe back at ya! 🙂

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! I’ll bet this made your day! And thanks for the tip on Woody Woodpecker. I guess I never made the connection. Back when I watched those cartoons I doubt if I even knew what a pileated woodpecker was!

  5. What an amazing capture, Donna! Terrific close shot of her face! Congratulations! We hear these in the woods behind our house every now and then, but it’s rare to see them – much less get a shot like this!

    • It was luck! I’m surprised how many there are here in these woods, the males are constantly calling out for females, which is great because now I’ve learned & know their calls. 🙂

  6. Years ago I didn’t even know what a pileated woodpecker was, but I had to track down what it was making a racket in the woods back at our previous house. I had a couple of good chances for a shot later on, but didn’t have the camera handy. You captured this one very well and there’s the lesson to always have that camera handy!

    • I remember too, years back, trying to locate that crazy racket up in our trees. I think they gave me a headache thinking and hearing their constant drilling, lol. I could never get my eye on one back then. Go figure! 🙂

  7. That is so funny. I did not know Woody Woodpecker was this bird. In my post I mentioned to a commenter that it looked like a cartoon, but did not make the association. Now I know why I said that.

  8. Love these birds! We saw two very large pileated woodpeckers yesterday – One chopping a big hole in one tree and his mate, who was drumming loudly on a nearby tree. But alas, no pictures that came out as well as yours.:-D

    • It’s amazing the holes they can chop and drill! There have been several here, constantly flying around, the males chasing the females, calling out to them. But no drilling around me, I thought that odd. Must be plenty of food then! 🙂

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