On Our Way

We are finally on our way to the southwest area of the U.S. in our RV.  Yea!!

We departed Delaware early last week for about a 100 mile relocation to Woodbine, Maryland, local to our son’s home, to spend a little more quality time with our grandsons before the big trip.  Grandson #1 got to stay with us until Saturday.  Everything went well, the campground was great, and having Ben camp with us again was awesome, he’s at such a fun age!

We hit the road early Sunday, logging in 1,054 miles (1,696 km) in two days, our first night staying around Sevierville, Tennessee, along the west side of the Smoky Mountains.  Tonight we are in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  After two days of steady cruising, we will now slow down a bit to arrive in Gallup, New Mexico, hopefully by Thursday to spend a few days exploring.

Before the crazy chaos of “To-Dos” prior to departing Delaware & Maryland,  I was able to find some time for a little more bird photography at the campgrounds.

_DSC0144-1 41716Mourning Dove

_DSC0501-1 4316Chipping Sparrow

_DSC0261-1 42416Red-bellied Woodpecker

_DSC0259-1 42416American Robin

_DSC0641-1 42016Red-winged Blackbird

_DSC0512-1 41816.jpgBrown-headed Cowbirds


_DSC0576-1 4316White-breasted Nuthatch

_DSC0141-1 5816Black-capped Chickadee (after a rain shower)

What fun it was to have so many ‘back-yard’ feathered friends at the campgrounds.

A final capture, just one of the many squirrel photos I took.  This momma squirrel seemed to know about this one water hookup that had a continuous leak and visited it often.  Maybe not the most hygiene for us, but I thought it was too darn cute not to share.

_DSC0266-1 42416.jpg

I hope to be able to share some awesome captures of our Southwest adventures real soon.  I’m still playing catch-up on blogs so please excuse me!

I appreciate your stopping by, enjoy your week!



22 thoughts on “On Our Way

  1. Beautiful “back-yard” shots, Donna! I wish you all the best for your great adventure! I’m sure you’ll find birds and other wildlife to share with us!

    • Thanks so much Helen! I’ve already seen birds and wildlife just riding down the interstate but going too fast to photograph, lol. I saw two antelope today, I was so excited! lol 🙂

    • We’re having a great time on the road so far, been in New Mexico for several days, leaving for Arizona tomorrow. I’m being WOWed at every turn we take across the country so far. Now if I could only fly this RV to the exotic places you’ve been, I’d be cruising the world! Alas, though, I’ll settle for seeing what you share, which I thoroughly enjoy. 🙂

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