An Artistic Rendition of My Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab

I have again been privileged to have another one of my photographs artistically recreated, this time by Florida artist Deborah Matz.  She specializes in sea life acrylic paintings and artwork.

Here is my photo…..

_DSC0151-1 8-8-12 4x6


And here is Debbie’s 24″ x 36″ painting rendition…..


Crab Painting Deborah Rankin Matz


Truly makes me long for a big, fat juicy Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab cooked in Old Bay seasoning right now!

Deborah’s painting is absolutely wonderful!  Such detail!!  I would love to see it in person at 24″ x 36″, it has to be impressive at that size.  I am honored and appreciate her in requesting permission to paint my photo.  She does lovely larger-than-life work of all types of sea life, check her website out if you get a chance!  You’ll love them all!

UPDATE 4/10/18:  In my comments section below, I received another artist’s request to draw my ‘crab’, Burton Keeble.  I am honored at another request, thank you Burton!  He just completed his drawing and sent it to me.  WOW, stunning with such detail!  Gorgeously done, Burton, thank you for sharing with me!!

Burton Keeble CBay Crab - April 2018


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