An Artistic Rendition of My Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab

I have again been privileged to have another one of my photographs artistically recreated, this time by Florida artist Deborah Matz.  She specializes in sea life acrylic paintings and artwork.

Here is my photo…..

_DSC0151-1 8-8-12 4x6


And here is Debbie’s 24″ x 36″ painting rendition…..


Crab Painting Deborah Rankin Matz


Truly makes me long for a big, fat juicy Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab cooked in Old Bay seasoning right now!

Deborah’s painting is absolutely wonderful!  Such detail!!  I would love to see it in person at 24″ x 36″, it has to be impressive at that size.  I am honored and appreciate her in requesting permission to paint my photo.  She does lovely larger-than-life work of all types of sea life, check her website out if you get a chance!  You’ll love them all!

UPDATE 4/10/18:  In my comments section below, I received another artist’s request to draw my ‘crab’, Burton Keeble.  I am honored at another request, thank you Burton!  He just completed his drawing and sent it to me.  WOW, stunning with such detail!  Gorgeously done, Burton, thank you for sharing with me!!

Burton Keeble CBay Crab - April 2018


52 thoughts on “An Artistic Rendition of My Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab

    • Wouldn’t that be awesome! I used to do 1000 pc puzzles with my Mom, she was excellent at them. She’d have love this one, especially with how much she loved eating crabs! 🙂

  1. Wow! Your photo is great and the painting is wonderful! Her work is very beautiful, I just checked her gallery. And yes, those Chesapeake Bay blue crabs are the best!!

    • Thanks, Helen! Deborah is quite talented, and yes, the crabs are in on the Chesapeake Bay and I’m not there. May have to ship some crab cakes to us when we get settled somewhere! 😉

    • Thanks so much, Jet. The females have the beautiful brighter blue hue, and the one in my photo had just been caught by a local crabber along a public pier. Females are not allowed to be kept, and this one was no exception as I snapped the shot before they pushed her back into the water. 🙂

  2. If you ever have the opportunity to take a similar photograph of a crab on a dock please get a hold of me and let me paint another one. The people went crazy over it. My prints are selling very well on this painting. I love very close up shots. I think the crab on the dock makes it very relatable for the Destin, Florida area. I appreciate your skills and copyrights. Thank you for allowing me to paint from your beautiful photograph. There are several more from your collection that I am interested in painting. I will request permission and give you photography credit on each and every one. Thank you Donna !

    • Congratulations on the grand interest in your crab painting, Debbie! Let me know what others when you get ready for another painting! As always, thanks so much for asking permission. 🙂

  3. I am just getting into drawing and was looking for a good subject. I googled for Chesapeake Blue Crab and found your photo. Evidently, Debbie had the same idea and she did a great job with her formal painting. I hope it’s ok for me to draw my sketch and post it on my FB page.

    • Hi Burton, you are more than welcome to use my photo for your drawing. I only ask that you give my photo credit with my name. Please send me an email when you’ve posted your drawing to your facebook. If it is okay with you, I in turn will post your drawing on my blog with credit to you as well! Happy sketching!! 🙂 Donna Wadsley

    • Hi Burton, so nice to hear from you! I received your drawing via email, it is gorgeous!! I will upload your drawing here and in a new post shortly. Just moved several days ago, I’m amidst a chaos of boxes! 🙂

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  5. Hello Donna,
    I love this picture of the blue crab and I would like to get your permission to use it in an illustration that represents Maryland. Can I have your permission for that?

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