New Mexico Bird Finds….And Other Critters

Enjoying the scenery each day we traveled early-on, I would occasionally see a bird in flight or on a post along the highway, and wondered out loud, “Oooooooh, what kind of bird was that?”  Hubby would reply, “Honey, if you don’t know, I don’t know”.   I would see so many that would be lifers for me if I could have snapped a shot!

Okay, maybe those first long days on the road with no bird photography started to work my mind.  I took this next photo out my window as we cruised along.  Finally, a bird capture!  Maybe a duck or goose!

DSC_7650-1 6716

Well, I do see a duck or goose coming in for a landing, wings spread & feet dangling.  Don’t you?

When we finally arrived at our first several-day stopover in Gallup, New Mexico, I stepped off and heard birds.  Hallelujah!  It wasn’t 10 minutes before I was walking around, camera in hand, looking for them in the trees.

In the few days before leaving New Mexico, here’s some of my best captures all taken at the campground, starting with two new lifers.

_DSC0030-1 61116

Ringed Turtle-Dove (new “lifer” but poor photo)


_DSC0202-1 6816

Western Kingbird (another new “lifer”)

There were so many Western Kingbirds, I had a blast trying to capture them.

_DSC0271-1 6-8-16

The following are other birds that I’ve photographed before, but it’s always a treat to attempt to capture some special ones of them again.

 _DSC0253-1 6816

American Robin


_DSC0069-1 61316

American Kestrel (I wish I had been a whole lot closer to him!)


_DSC0053-1 22016

Rock Pigeons


_DSC0242-1 6816

House Sparrow


_DSC0019-1 61316

House Finch

Not too bad for a campground in the desert!

We had a few other critters as well…..

_DSC0290-1 61316

DSC_8125-1 61316

_DSC0097-1 61316

_DSC0103-1 61316

_DSC0155-1 61316

_DSC0180-1 61316

You had to watch you didn’t step on a lizard while they scurried away!

I’ll have one more post from New Mexico to share, a visit to Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and then it’ll be Arizona’s beauty & fun where we are at the present.  FYI, we are not in an area with triple-digit temps or any forest fires, thank goodness!!


27 thoughts on “New Mexico Bird Finds….And Other Critters

  1. Congratulations on the lifers! I loved all the photos of the birds, but the lizards are what interested me the most. We don’t have any in Michigan, and it’s always a treat to see new critters.

    • Thanks Jerry! I spent a bit trying to ID those lizards, it looked like I found three types, and geez they are difficult! I know the long-tailed one was in the Whiptail line which had many sub-series. Like birds, another species that has so many names and types. I’ll stick with IDing birds but lizards do provide cute expressions. 🙂

  2. Great captures Donna! I believe that you have a House Sparrow instead of Chipping Sparrow. Canyon de Chelly is going to thrill you quite a bit I’m sure! Enjoy it! 🙂

    • Thanks HJ! You are right on the sparrow ID, don’t know how/why I messed that easy one up! I’ll blame the high altitudes messing with my brain and fingers for the typo, lol. Canyon de Chelly was beautiful, we went a week ago, I have so many awesome shots. We’re in Arizona now (already been to Grand Canyon one day so far!). I’m way behind on viewing and posting all that I’m wanting to share. Overload!!! 🙂

  3. If I may correct you, Donna, that is a male House Sparrow not a Chipping Sparrow and the kestrel is a female. My field guides are constant companions but I still don’t get them all right. Great captures, and enjoy the journey!

    • Thanks Jane for catching my mistake along with HJ! I appreciate corrections! I know better on the sparrows, lol. I’ll blame the high altitudes for my typo. 🙂 We are having a blast. Some day we want to tour Canada, that’d be awesome.

    • Not quite the size of the ‘lizards’ you have! 🙂 When I came up on the rock doves, they were acting a little lovey-dovey, and then when I photographed them, I thought their expression looked like “we’re not doing anything…” with a grin. I caught that finch early in the morning before the heat ‘hazed’ the sky. I was tickled with it for sure! Thanks Helen!

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