Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Our last excursion before departing New Mexico was to Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Chinle, Arizona.  It was just under 100 miles north of our campground.

From the ruins, artifacts, and images, it has been proven that people lived in these canyons for nearly 5,000 years, longer than anyone has lived uninterruptedly elsewhere on the Colorado Plateau.

Today, Canyon de Chelly (pronounced “da Shay”) is comprised entirely of Navajo Tribal Trust Land.  In 1931, the U.S. National Park Service established it as a National Monument, and they continue to this day to work in partnership with the Navajo Nation to manage park resources and sustain this living Navajo community.

Canyon de Chelly has two paved rim drives with overlooks and many hiking trails that lead down into the canyon.  We arrived early afternoon and drove the two rims, stopping at all the overlooks.

The North Rim Drive is 18 miles long one way with 3 overlooks and best photographed in the morning, whereas the South Rim is best in the afternoon.  I did struggle with my exposures and the intense early afternoon bright sun on the North Rim Drive.

_DSC0025-1 61216

_DSC0050-1 61216


DSC_7935-1 61216


DSC_7977-1 61216

DSC_7991-1 61216

DSC_8004-1 61216


As you took in the views at the overlooks, if you looked hard enough, you could spot numerous cliff and cave dwelling ruins.

DSC_7919-1 61216

DSC_7930-1 61216 Mummy Cave

DSC_7931-1 61216 Mummy Cave

DSC_7958-1 61216

DSC_7960-1 61216

DSC_8003-1 61216

DSC_8005-1 61216

The South Rim Drive is 16 miles long one way with seven overlooks.  As the afternoon got later, I was more successful with my exposure and lighting settings.  🙂

_DSC0072-1 61216

_DSC0091-1 61216

_DSC0092-1 61216

_DSC0102-1 61216

_DSC0079-1 61216

_DSC0113-1 61216

_DSC0119-1 61216

_DSC0173-1 61216

DSC_8066-1 61216


_DSC0112-1 61216

_DSC0162-1 61216

The largest ruins we spotted on the South Rim was called the White House.  It was occupied by the Puebloans about 1,000 years ago.  You can take a 2.5 mile round trip hiking trail to this ruin if you desire.

DSC_8017-1 61216 White House

DSC_8018-1 61216 White House

The most famous overlook on the South Rim is Spider Rock Overlook.  Spider Rock is an 800 foot sandstone spire that rises from the canyon floor.  The overlook’s rim walkway provided so many ways to photograph Spider Rock, and I got a little carried away.  Here’s just a few…..

_DSC0146-1 61216


_DSC0153-1 61216

_DSC0155-1 61216

_DSC0159-1 61216

_DSC0161-1 61216

Although there were about 10-12 people at Spider Rock Overlook, there were other Overlooks where we were the only two.  That was pretty awesome!

The flowers and critters seen that day at Canyon de Chelly…..

_DSC0034-1 61216

The horses were owned by the Navajo and wandered across the roads freely.

DSC_8110-1 61216

DSC_8103-1 61216

_DSC0136-1 61216

DSC_8037-1 61216

Rock Squirrel

_DSC0024-1 61216

_DSC0027-1 61216

Finally, this next little bird flew right in front of me and into a tree early in the afternoon.  I have not been able to identify this one.  Anyone?

DSC_7967-1 61216

For sure, the afternoon at Canyon de Chelly was exhilarating with lots of ooohs and aaahs!  And the solitude with nature?  Amazing!!


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