Birding From a Beach Chair on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Waiting for my scheduled knee surgery, we decided to go to the southern tip of Virginia’s Eastern Shore to spend a few days to pass the time.  We stayed at Sunset Beach Hotel and RV Campground that is along the bay side and has direct beach access.

With the summer season gone and the resort not busy just yet with the surge of visitors for the upcoming 24th Eastern Shore Birding & Wildlife Festival, it was a beautiful time of year for the beginning of the Chesapeake’s major fly-way southern migration.  Just north of us was Kiptopeke’s hawk observatory that is among the top 15 nationwide. I couldn’t make the trek to the observatory and had to settle for my beach chair.  That was okay, I enjoyed being the only ones sitting on the beach.  Just hubby, me and my camera.

Here’s my collection from those few days.

The Brown Pelicans and Cormorants were in full force every day.


Brown Pelicans and Cormorants chillin’ with me


Brown Pelican

A Great Blue Heron stopped by.  As far as I was from him, he still kept his eye on me.


Great Blue Heron


Great Blue Heron

Of course, there were a few exciting fly-bys…..


Cooper’s Hawk


American Bald Eagle


Merlin (a new lifer for me!)



Back to the shoreline……







Even the little crabs were out and about….





I was very excited to watch Osprey fishing each day!




Osprey looking for a fish to snag!





We took a drive into Cape Charles.  I shot these next photos of interest from the truck window.


Cape Charles





Common Buckeye


Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron (another lifer!)

All in all, these sightings during our few days to Virginia’s Eastern Shore helped ease my pain and worry about the surgery.  I even made it down to the beach to capture a sunset from our golf cart.


I’m recovering well now thanks to all your prayers!  We’re in South Carolina soaking up the warmer rays, and I’ve just begun some birding again.  Yay!

Nature has it’s way of making us feel better.  🙂

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