Birding in South Carolina

Autumn is just beginning here at Lake Greenwood, with the trees transforming into bold colors of yellow, orange, and red.  I’m waiting for the group of trees across the lake to fire up….fingers crossed.

I headed down to the lake’s edge in the last hour before sunset.  The House Finches were busy, dangling upside down in the Sweet Gum Tree, eating from the tree’s seed pods (popularly called monkey balls or gumballs).


Male House Finch



Male House Finch – “Peek-A-Boo!”



Female House Finch

However, a Red-winged Blackbird just pulled the seed pod up with his feet for his feast.  To heck with all that dangling!


Red-winged Blackbird

Sightings of other birds…….


Northern Mockingbird



Tufted Titmouse



Pine Warbler



Northern Flicker enjoying a few sips from the edge of the lake



Ruby-crowned Kinglet (a new lifer for me!)



Cormorant Fly-Over



Female Northern Cardinal


We’ve had a few nice sunsets since we’ve been here but none have been as gorgeous so far as this one taken from our site a week ago.


Sunset over Lake Greenwood

Enjoy your day, my friends!


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